The purpose of
The Authentic Bengal Cat League is:

To promote and maintain a Bengal Breeding Standard that will produce Bengals who closely resemble the wild Asian Leopard Cat.
To preserve the beauty of the wild Asian Leopard Cat in our Bengals in case there comes a time when wild cats are no longer in existence.
To unite those Bengal breeders and owners who feel strongly about our goals.
To form an ACTION CLUB which keeps its members informed of what happens with the Bengal breed and takes action to make changes for the better.

If you would like more information, visit the Bengal cat's historic past or contact the following:
Karin Donoyan
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Jane T. Lee
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Excerpts from the ABC League Code of Ethics:

  • To breed according to the Authentic Bengal Cat Standard
  • To use only healthy breeding stock
  • To actively participate in all voting matters concerning the Bengal breed
  • To maintain the highest standards of ethics in business transactions
  • To uphold the By-laws of the ABC League

Authentic Bengal Cat League Membership List

While the ABC League strives to maintain the highest standard of ethics, it cannot be held reponsible for the actions of any of its members.

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