10 Best Litter Boxes For Bengal Cats

Besides being gorgeous, Bengal cats make excellent pets, and living with one can bring cat ownership to another level. However, these glamorous felines like to be clean and are far more selective to where they go to the bathroom than other cats. To help you avoid cleaning cat urine from floors we have found the best litter boxes for Bengal cats that will fulfil your feline’s toilet demands!

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With a functional litter box, it is easy to keep your cat from urinating all over your furniture and floors. However, the problem is finding the litter pan that meets all of your cat’s individual needs and is at the same time easy to clean.

Bengal cats need litter boxes that are spacious, easy to clean, and can hold enough litter to cover waste. But deciding if your cat will prefer top entry, raised walls, hooded design, or a door can be overwhelming.

To help you make an informed decision, we picked 10 different litter boxes that will satisfy your fastidious Bengal cat.

The Best Litter Boxes For Bengal Cats Reviewed

Whether you are looking for a litter box for a kitten, senior or an adult Bengal cat we got you covered. Let’s look at the in-depth reviews of the 10 quality litter boxes for Bengal cats.

1. PetFusion BetterBox Litter Box – Best Overall

The PetFusion BetterBox Litter Box may look simple but it is highly effective. Made from durable plastic, this litter box ensures superior hygiene and less scooping.

Key Features

  • Non-stick coating
  • Open design
  • High walls
  • Designed with high walls and without a top, this litter box prevents leaks, spills and can hold a lot of litter. This gives your Bengal a chance to move around and cover all waste products, thus minimizing unpleasant odor.
  • The lowered front entry is ideal for Bengal cats of all ages, and a great feature for older cats with mobility issues. The non-stick coating ensures that the waste doesn’t stick to the sides which makes cleaning the litter pan easy and convenient for you.


  • Provides ample space for large cats to do their business
  • Convenient for cleaning and scooping
  • Keeps the litter and leaks inside the box
  • Smart design for cats of all ages


  • The non-stick coating can wear off over time
  • Open top design may result in undesirable smells – so this is an important point to consider if you are unable to frequently change your Bengal’s litter

Overall, with its high walls and lowered entrance the PetFusion BetterBox Litter Box is a great choice for fastidious Bengal cats of all ages

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2. AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box – Runner Up

The Amazon Basic Hooded Cat Litter Box measures 23.7 by 17.8 by 16.7 inches and is designed for cats who like to do their business privately. The hood is easy to remove, thus allowing you to clean the box effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Swinging doors
  • Carbon filter
  • Top handle
  • Made of odor and stain resistant plastic, this litter box also has a replaceable carbon filter that traps and reduces waste odors. Thus, you can keep this litter box anywhere without risking living in a house that smells like cat pee.
  • The swinging front door provides easy access in and out of the litter pan and reinforces a sense of privacy. If your cat isn’t a big fan of the door, you can remove it for easier access.


  • Hooded design for added privacy
  • Keeps litter and odors inside the pan
  • Covered by a limited one-year warranty


  • The rounded edges make scooping a bit difficult

Overall, the Amazon Basic Hooded Cat Litter Box is a great option for Bengal cats who like to keep their business private.

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3. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box – Best Cheap Litter Box For Bengal Cats

Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box covers all the basics and comes at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. The open design and high walls create a spacious environment and are ideal for larger Bengal cats.

Key Features

  • Non-stick surface
  • Lowered entrance
  • Easy to clean
  • Looking a lot like a high sided storage tub, this litter box is large enough to allow your cat to turn around, dig, cover her waste, and perch on the sides. The open design is great for cats who don’t have privacy issues and will give your Bengal a chance to see what is around her.
  • Just scoop, clean by hand, or pour all the litter out of the box to keep up hygiene, or use a hose or wipe the entire box with a damp cloth. Measuring 23.4 by 18.25 by 11 inches, this litter box has ample space to allow your cat to pee safely and comfortably.


  • High sides prevent litter scatter
  • Lowered entrance for easy access
  • Easy to clean and scoop the litter
  • Big enough for large cats
  • You can purchase in bulk packs for a discount


  • Comes only in black color
  • No lid, which may contribute to odor problems

Overall, Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box has great features and is priced for budget-conscious owners.

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4. Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box – Best Litter Box For Privacy

The Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box features a stylish design that creates a sense of privacy and prevents litter scatter. This aesthetically appealing litter box measures 20.47 by 16.14 by 14.56 inches and won’t affect your home’s decor wherever you place it.

Key Features

  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Included litter scoop
  • Grooved lid
  • Besides looking great, this litter box is exceptionally good at preventing tracking thanks to the top grooved lid. The entrance measures 10.5 by 9 inches and is big enough even for full-grown Bengal cats.
  • Thanks to the removable lid you can easily replace and scoop the litter or clean the entire box when necessary.


  • Available in several fashionable colors – this is perhaps the most stylish litter box we have ever seen (considering that litter boxes aren’t exactly famed for being stylish or fashionable, this is high praise!)
  • Provides privacy and prevents tracking
  • Spacious for larger cats
  • Litter liner friendly


  • Some cats can’t get used to the top door
  • Fairly expensive
  • Larger in size compared to more basic litter boxes – may not be so suitable for confined areas

Overall, the Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box is a sound choice if you are looking for a stylish litter box that will prevent tracking and provide privacy. This is an extremely popular product, and for good reason!

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5. KittyGoHere Cat Litter Box – Best Litter Box For Senior Bengal Cats

The KittyGoHere Litter Box features low walls and a lower entrance that make it more convenient for older cats with arthritis or mobility problems. Measuring 24 by 20 by 5 inches, it is available in three colors –apple green, sand, and lavender.

Key Features

  • Low opening
  • Open design
  • Works with any litter
  • Featuring a very simple design without any bells and whistles, this plastic litter box works with any type of litter. The low point of entry is the feature that sets this product from the rest and makes it perfect for senior Bengal cats.
  • While convenient for older cats, this litter box can’t keep the litter from spilling and scattering so be ready for some level of mess and tracking. Constructed to be spacious this litter box will give your cat a chance to cover her waste and turn around with ease.


  • The low point of entry allows cats to easily go in or out
  • Easily accessible to older cats with mobility issues
  • Can be used with all types of litter
  • Spacious and open design


  • Can be difficult to clean due to porous texture
  • No lid for odor reduction

Overall, the KittyGoHere Litter Box is a great choice if you have an older Bengal cat that can’t use high-sided litter boxes due to arthritis. It is basic, durable and affordable.

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6. Lucky Champ Litter Pan – Best Litter Box For Bengal Kittens

Made of durable plastic, the Lucky Champ Litter Pan is designed to last a long time. The innovative design with a high back wall, make it ideal for Bengal kittens who are just learning how to use a litter box.

Key Features

  • High back wall
  • Low entrance
  • Works with any litter
  • Measuring 16.75 by 20 by 9 inches, this litter can be used for Bengal cats of all ages. However, the low entrance makes it more convenient for kittens or older cats who have mobility problems.
  • The high back wall is designed to keep the litter inside, however, there is always a chance that some of it will end up on the floor due to the low entry. The open design works for cats that don’t like enclosed spaces and will give your kitty a chance to see its surroundings.


  • Can be used with any type of litter
  • Very easy to clean and scoop
  • Low entry allows kittens to use the litter box
  • Durable and made to last


  • The litter can be kicked out of the box due to the low opening

Overall, the Lucky Champ Litter Pan is a good option if you just got a Bengal kitten and are looking for a suitable litter pan.

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7. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded System – Best Litter Box For Odor Control

The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded System uses pellets and pads to lock in the odor, stopping the nasty ammonia smell from infiltrating your home. This system measures 16.8 by 20.5 by 16.5 inches and is spacious enough for most adult Bengal cats.

Key Features

  • Easy-open hood
  • Pellets & pads
  • Odor control

The idea behind this system is to tackle the odor by separating the liquids from solids using pellets and disposable pads. The non-clumping pellets allow the liquids to pass through to the pad that absorbs moisture and fights odors. Feces, however, stay on the pellets where they can be scooped ensuring better odor control.

The easy-open hood allows for easy cleaning and replacement of the pellets, and the sliding tray provides easy access to the odor-controlling pads bellow. This system comes with one bag of pellets and one pack of pads which last about one month for a single cat.


  • High walls and hood offer added privacy to Bengal cats
  • Both pellets and pads are easy to clean and change
  • Helps control unpleasant odors
  • Keeps the mess inside the litter box


  • This system works only with Tidy Breeze Pellets, which can increase ongoing costs.

Overall, the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded System locks in unpleasant odors and is a sound choice if you want to get rid of the nasty ammonia smell.

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8. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box – Best Litter Box For Easy Cleaning

The durable iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box will never absorb odors, it’s rust-free and is super easy to clean. While it looks like an ordinary pan, this litter box is made to last and can be the last one you are ever going to buy.

Key Features

  • Rubber feet on the bottom
  • Spacious design
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Measuring 23.5 by 15.5 by 6 inches, this litter box is every Bengal cat’s greatest dream. The spacious interior and open design will give your cat a chance to move around and do its business in ultimate comfort.
  • This litter box works with any type of litter and cleaning it is a breeze. This pan also has non-slip rubber feet that will keep it in place on all types of floors.


  • Durable and made to last
  • Can be used with all types of litter
  • Ideal for Bengal cats who like open litter boxes
  • Very roomy and comfortable for large cats


  • The box can arrive dented
  • The stainless steel may be cold to touch for some cats

Overall, the iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box is a great option if you are looking for a durable litter pan that is easy to clean and works with any type of litter.

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9. Petmate Litter Pan – Best Open Litter Box For Bengal Cats

Featuring sloped style and ample space, the Petmate Litter Pan is suitable for all Bengal cats regardless of their age. Ideal for cats that don’t like enclosed spaces, this pan is made from durable plastic and built to last.

Key Features

  • Low rimmed sides
  • Holds up to 30 lbs. of litter
  • Easy access
  • Unlike other litter pans with sloping design, this box features slightly higher walls that actually keep the litter inside the box. Due to its large litter capacity, this pan is ideal for Bengal cats who like to dig and need huge quantities of litter to cover their waste.
  • The rimmed sides are easy to grip, so when it’s time to empty the entire litter box you can do it easy and effortlessly. Your Bengal will have enough room to go in and out of the pan and do its business without feeling cramped.


  • Large enough for an adult Bengal to feel comfortable
  • Sloping design makes it suitable for cats of all ages
  • Higher walls keep the litter inside
  • Very easy to grip and empty the box completely


  • You can experience some odor issues depending on the type of litter you use
  • No lid for odor control

Overall, the spacious Petmate Litter Pan offers ultimate toilet experience for Bengal cats who don’t like to do their business in enclosed spaces.

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10. Arms & Hammer Sifting Litter Pan – Best Scoop-Free Litter Box

If you don’t like to scoop after your Bengal cat, the Arms & Hammer Sifting Litter Pan may be the best option for you. Simply lift the sifter pan to separate soiled and clean litter and your job is done!

Key features

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Two regular pans and a sifting pan
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Made of antimicrobial plastic, this sifting litter box keeps the litter fresh longer and discourages the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This is a very useful feature considering that Bengal cats are very particular about cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Thanks to the reinforced bottom there is no risk that the pan is going to leak or break even if it’s chock full of litter. The mid-range walls are suitable for Bengal cats of all ages, but you will probably have to deal with some litter scatter.


  • Easy to clean – no scooping required
  • Works best with pine or cedar-based cat litters
  • Keeps the litter fresh for longer
  • Much cleaner than regular litter boxes


  • Regular litter can stick to the sifter and needs to be picked out

Overall, the Arms & Hammer Sifting Litter Pan is an excellent choice if you hate to scoop and if your Bengal prefers using wooden pellets.

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What To Look For In The Best Litter Pan For Bengal Cats?

Before you set out looking for the best litter box for your Bengal cat it is important to understand what are your cat’s individual needs. Keep in mind that Bengal cats are very particular about their hygiene and have higher standards about cleanliness than most people you know.
To avoid urinary problems and to achieve maximum sanitation consider the following features:


Like other cat breeds, Bengal cats come in several sizes with males being slightly bigger than females. Generally, they weigh somewhere between 8 and 15 pounds, but these are just general guidelines and your cat may weigh slightly less or more.

The main point here is that since not all Bengal cats come in the same size, their litter boxes shouldn’t either. When it comes to litter boxes, the bigger is always the better.

Your Bengal will feel cramped in a smaller litter box and end up eliminating all over your house. And if you don’t want to scoop waste and clean pee stains from your furniture get the biggest litter box you can.


Besides the size, the height of the litter box is the second most important feature to consider. Generally, any litter box that is five to seven inches tall will be a good choice for your Bengal cat. However, you will also have to consider your cat’s habits and personality.

For example, if your Bengal likes to kick up litter while covering her waste, opt for a litter box with higher walls. Furthermore, extra-high sides are necessary if your kitty likes to spray or has a poor aim and urinates over the edges. This way you won’t spend precious time cleaning feces and urine every time your kitty uses the litter box.


When looking at litter boxes, make sure that you find one that won’t take from the overall decor and style of your home. Unless of course, you plan to keep it in a basement, in which case you can go with just about anything as long as it is functional.

Luckily, now you can find modern style litter boxes with neutral colors and aesthetically appealing designs that blend in with the home decor. There are also hidden litter boxes that can be enclosed in furniture and stay completely out of sight.


Make sure that the litter box you choose is sturdy and made of non-toxic materials. And if you opt for a self-cleaning model, look for one that is as quiet as possible.

It is very important that your Bengal cat feels comfortable and at ease while using the litter box. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with some very unpleasant litter box issues.

Setting Up Your Bengal Cat With The Perfect Litter Box

Due to their intelligence and high standards, finding the best litter box for your Bengal cat may seem like a true feat. In reality, it doesn’t have to be.

Firstly, you will have to understand your Bengal cat’s temperament and learn its bathroom habits. The best way to do this is to pay attention when your cat is relieving himself and find the litter box that meets his every need.

Here are a few simple considerations that will set you up for success:

  • Age: If you have a kitten or an older Bengal cat with joint and mobility issues you should get a litter box that offers easy access. Look for pans that have three to five inches high entrance, to give your senior or kitten a chance to properly use the litter pan.
  • Privacy issues: While most cats feel safer in open litter boxes, some Bengal cats prefer to have privacy while doing their business. If your cat isn’t afraid of enclosed spaces and likes to pee in peace, get her a hooded litter box.
  • Fear of enclosed spaces: If your Bengal seems nervous and/or refuses to enter enclosed spaces, you should opt for an open pan-style litter box. Otherwise, you risk spending money on a litter box your cat is afraid to use and end up cleaning messes from floors.
  • Digging habits: The majority of Bengal cats is very serious about covering their waste and like to dig a lot. If this is the case, find a higher capacity litter box with extra-tall sides. This way, once your cat starts digging and kicking, just a minimal amount of litter will end up on the floor.
  • Spraying: You will likely get familiar with spraying if you own a male Bengal cat. While some males won’t try to spray inside the litter box, others will. If this starts to happen look for a litter box with eight to 12 inches’ tall sides.
  • Easy to clean: All Bengal cats are neat; thus you will have to find a litter box that is super easy to clean. Depending on your cat, you may have to scoop litter up to several times a day and wash the entire pan weekly.

Keep in mind that your Bengal doesn’t really want to pee outside the litter box, but if you don’t keep it clean, your cat will find somewhere cleaner to go. Generally, Bengal cats rarely exhibit litter box problems when their high standards are met. You just have to find the right litter box and scoop regularly!

In Summary – What Are The Best Litter Boxes For Bengal Cats?

With their fastidious nature, urinating outside the litter box is a common problem many Bengal cat owners face. However, if you take some time to consider your cat’s preferences and peeing habits you will soon realize that best litter boxes for Bengal cats have certain traits.

Although all litter pans listed above will meet your cat’s needs, the PetFusion BetterBox Litter Box is the overall best!

However, if you are on a limited budget, Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box may be a better choice for you. And if you are looking for something in between, the Amazon Basic Hooded Cat Litter Box is a great option for cats who enjoy privacy.

In the end, whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your Bengal cat will feel comfortable in her new litter box and expect you to scoop the mess right away!

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