Are Bengal Cats Crazy?

When individuals are looking for a cat, they have to consider a number of factors. These include the diet of the cat, the behavior of the cat, and the level of activity of the cat. A Bengal cat is known to be one of the most unique in the breeding of the cat. However, some home owners are either delighted or alienated by its high level of activity.

Are Bengal Cats Crazy/Hyper?

Right from initial breeding, a Bengal cat is not only crazy but hyper too.

The Bengal cat is athletic, agile, and has a strong and muscular body. With a medium to large size, and with it weighing at least 15 pounds, the cat is like a pet prepared to explore the jungle. Some children and elderly people have reported being scared of the cat to an extent that they would not want having it. Despite this, if well socialized, it can have a high affinity and affection for the family.

The Bengal cat is known for its excellent memory as well as high intelligence. This means that when it comes to playing activities, it can make preferences and can make informed decisions. It is able to master a certain game with time making it a hyper pet in physical activities. As a matter of fact, you can train your Bengal cats such as high five, lie down, and sit.

Another characteristic of the Bengal cat being hyper or crazy is its high level of communication. A Bengal cat is a chatty pet. Its high level of communication skills stands out among its peers. It will communicate to you when it needs something. If you refuse, it becomes louder in its demand and may not keep quiet until you satisfy it.

It is not uncommon to find home owners reporting that their cat is unmanageable. When kept indoors, they can become bored easily and therefore, they will look for something to do, whether it is right or wrong. For example, you may find your Bengal cat scratching the couch.

When you have a Bengal cat, you could as well be having a little thief in your home. This is more so when the cat has been idle for a long time. It is going to pick things up and hide them. If you do not train your Bengal cat to stop such behavior, the cat can turn out to be unmanageable.

Managing Your Bengal Cat

There is all the likelihood that your Bengal cat is going to be active in almost all of its life. Therefore, you have to learn to manage it. The best way of managing your Bengal cat is through investing in high activity toys. Such toys are going to keep the cat busy.

You need to appreciate walking your cat on a leash. If you learn walking your Bengal cat on a leash, it is going to experience an outdoor lifestyle. In addition to that, both of you can experience nature together. Consider buying a leash which is appropriate to your Bengal cat and harness it on the same. Give your Bengal cat some time to make the relevant adaptation.


A Bengal cat is not a tiger or leopard, it is a domesticated cat. Therefore, however crazy or hyper it can be, it has its limit. You should not shy away from acquiring one if you feel so. The genetic and environmental disposition makes it fun to be with. With patience and perseverance, you can train your cat to do what you want.

When you plan on buying a Bengal cat, ensure that you choose a regulator breeder who has accumulated vast experience in the field. Overall, the beauty of the Bengal cat comes with a price, and you should be mentally prepared that your cat might be crazy and hyper-active!

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