Are Bengal Cats Expensive?

If you’re looking at a Bengal cat as a pet, then at some point or another conversation is bound to turn to money.

While you can adopt a cat or kitten for free from a shelter (or at least for a very low cost) a Bengal cat is a bit different.
But are Bengal cats expensive?

In this short article we aim to find out.

Bengal Cats Are One Of The More Expensive Breeds

To start with, let’s not beat around the bush.
Bengal cats are definitely one of the more expensive breeds of cat on the market.

Their rare, alluring nature and explosion in popularity has led to increased demand for Bengals.

This means prices have gone up, and Bengals definitely are a relatively more expensive breed of cat now.

This isn’t to say they are the most expensive. Just that you definitely are going to be spending more than you would on a regular cat.

Prices Vary From Breeder To Breeder, Location To Location Etc

As far how much a Bengal cat costs, this is one of those dreaded “how long is a piece of string” questions.

The price of Bengal cats varies greatly based on a few factors:

1. Location. Different countries (and even different regions within countries, especially larger ones like the United States) will experience significant pricing variations. In some cases it may even be less expensive to purchase a Bengal elsewhere and then bring back to where you live.
2. Local demand. This ties in to the point above.
3. Number of breeders. Once again, this ties closely to location and demand – an area with more demand may have more breeders, which in turn could actually result in lower prices due to increased supply.

Basically, you’re going to have to “shop around” to get a feel for the price of a Bengal cat … which leads us on to our next point.

Money Isn’t Everything

Buying a Bengal cat isn’t like buying an appliance. There is more to it than just the $ figure.

You need to make sure that the breeder from which you are sourcing your Bengal is one of high ethics and standards, and not just a “kitten farm”.

Ultimately, you are buying a living, breathing creature which deserves more than just a price tag!

The Cost Isn’t Just the Buying Price

One more thing to note (and this – of course – applies to call cats, not just Bengals) is that there is more to the cost of ownership than just the purchase price.

Make sure you can afford to budget for:

* Vet bills
* Food
* Litter
* Toys, scratching posts etc

If just the purchase price alone is a big stretch, then a Bengal may be too expensive for you.

This isn’t to put you off, just to remind you of the ongoing costs (which many people overlook unfortunately).


So, are Bengal cats expensive?

Ultimately, the answer of that question is going to depend a bit on what your definition of expensive is.

However, Bengals definitely are more expensive than “average” cats.

On the spectrum of cat expensiveness, there is no doubt that Bengals are definitely quite high up there.

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