Are Bengal Cats Good Hunters?

In this article we are going to cover the question of whether or not Bengal cats are good hunters.

Depending on your viewpoint, having a cat that is a good hunter is either a good or a bad thing.

On the plus side, a good hunter is going to help to keep your home/property pest free (See our article here on whether or not Bengal cats like to catch mice and other rodents for more information on this).

On the down side, a cat that is too good at hunting could be a threat to local wildlife. Here in New Zealand, for example, we have many problems with cats getting out of their owners’ properties and killing or injuring native birds and other rare/protected animals.

So, are Bengal cats good hunters?

To cut a long story short, Bengal cats are generally very good hunters.

Bear in mind that all domestic cats (and wild ones, for that matter) are generally good hunters.

Cats have an incredible blend of power, precision and stealth that makes them almost uniquely talented predators and hunters.

Here’s a short video we found on YouTube that does a great job of explaining why cats are just so good at hunting:

Bengal cats take this “combination” and – at least on the power side of the equation – turn it up to 11!

Bengal cats are often larger and stronger than many other domestic cat breeds due to their Asian Leopard Cat lineage (read our guide to the history of the Bengal cat for more information on this topic if it interests you).

Therefore, Bengal cats are often very good hunters. Ask just about any Bengal owner and they will probably tell you a similar story.

This means you need to watch out if you’re a mouse, rat or rodent – but equally birds and other small “prey” animals need to be careful too.

Are Bengal cats good hunters? Yes, they usually are.

You can read more here on our guide to whether or not Bengal cats are good at catching mice.

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