Are Bengal Cats Good Mousers?

In this article we are going to discuss whether or not Bengal cats are good mousers.

If you’ve got a mouse or rodent problem at your home or property, then you might be thinking that a cat is a good potential option.

And what could be better than a cat that looks like a “mini Tiger”? After all – if a regular cat is good at mousing, then surely a Bengal cat must be better! How could cats so athletic and wild-looking not be good at catching mice?!

Are Bengal cats good mousers? Let’s find out.

The first point to consider is that all domestic cats are generally good mousers by nature.

This is a huge part of the reason why cats came to be domesticated in the first place.

Humans found their ability to catch mice, rodents and other pests handy, and would reward them with food and welcome them into their homes and businesses to help (this is a bit of an over-simplification, but hopefully it helps to illustrate the point).

Catching mice, as well as other rodents and pests is therefore “ingrained” into the nature of domestic cats (much as wild cats have their incredibly hunting skills).

Therefore, there is no reason why a Bengal cat wouldn’t be a good mouser.

In fact, Bengal cats can be exceptional mousers due to their Asian Leopard Cat lineage. Read our guide here to the history and lineage of the Bengal cat for more information on this.

This lineage means that – to some extent – Bengal cats are a bit more “wild” than regular domestic cats, and often more powerfully built. This makes Bengals generally very good mousers.

As any Bengal cat owner and they will probably confirm that their cats are good at mousing.

However, there are a few other points to consider.

The first is that some cats simply show little interesting in mousing and catching prey. There is no real rhyme or reason for this, but if you are depending on your Bengal cat to be good at catching pests and then he/she turns out to prefer spending time sat on the couch, you might wind up a little disappointed (and with a house full of pests).

Therefore, if you are depending on you Bengal cat to keep your home pest-free, you might want to consider investing in professional pest control or other options like mouse traps or bait!

Another important consideration is that the fact that Bengals are often excellent mousers also means they can have a penchant for hunting other animals – including those that aren’t pests.

For example, in New Zealand where we live, there are many problems with cats (including Bengals) catching native birds, which are often very slow to react and susceptible to attacks from cats.

It’s important to consider the impact that your Bengal might have on wildlife – mice and other rodents are one thing, but you don’t want them to harm protected or rare animals!

To conclude, are Bengal cats good mousers?

Yes, in general they are. Bengals are cats – and cats are good at hunting by their very nature. Combine this with the highly athletic nature of Bengal cats, and you have a recipe for disaster (if you’re a mouse!).

However, individual cats do vary and there is always a chance you get a Bengal that simply takes no interest in mousing – so do bear this potential outcome in mind. If getting rid of a pest problem is a massive priority, then you might want to consider investing in professional pest control instead.

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