Are Bengal Cats Good Pets?

The Bengal Cat is relatively unique among domesticated cats. Bred from a mix of domesticated cats and their wilder cousin, the Asian Leopard Cat, Bengal Cats are an exotic breed that is gaining in popularity. Learn more here about the history of the Bengal cat if you’d like to discover the origins of this exotic breed.

You might wonder whether or not Bengal Cats, with their rise in popularity, make good pets. Read on to learn more about these fascinating felines as we answer the question “are Bengal cats good pets?”.

The Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat came about from careful breeding of Asian Leopard Cats to different breeds of domesticated cats. These cat breeds include the Ocicat, Abyssinian, and the British Shorthair, among a handful of breeds. Not all cat breeds are accepted as part of the Bengal Cat’s lineage.

A popular coat pattern among these cats are rosettes, making the Bengal Cat look very similar to its leopard cousins and making this breed the only breed of domesticated cat to have rosettes. While these cats have a wild background, they do make great pets, but only for the right household.

Personality of a Bengal Cat

Bengal Cats tend to be very affectionate and loyal pets, so they are good pets under the right circumstances.

Unfortunately their personality can cause them to get into trouble, so patience is key when dealing with these felines, especially when they are younger and might find themselves getting into trouble.

Bengal Cats are known for their inquisitive personalities. These are not house cats who will spend all day sitting quietly (and lazily) in your lap. Instead, they want to be out and about, a trait which leads some people to considering them mischievous. Bengal Cats tend to be full of energy, much more so than other domesticated cat breeds.

This is not just the case in kittens: adult cats tend to be high energy even as they mature.

Bengal Cats tend to be very playful. They are interested in toys and other objects around the house. If you have a lot of fragile or delicate items, you will want to put them away when you bring a Bengal Cat home as they are likely to climb around and check everything out, potentially knocking items from your shelves. If you have a lot of plants in your house, you will also want to check them out and make sure they aren’t toxic to your new kitty, as many houseplants are, such as philodendrons and lilies.

Bengal Cats, being so inquisitive, can find themselves in a variety of compromising situations, from tangled up in cords to tearing down the blinds because they want to look outside. A main trait you need to have as a Bengal Cat owner is patience with your cat, as well as a willingness to provide them plenty of stimulation. You’ll need cat toys and outlets for your Bengal Cat’s wild side, from feather dusters to wind-up mice for them to try and catch.

In addition to Bengal Cats tending to be very active, they are also rather alert and observant. These cats often exhibit dog-like tendencies, following their owners around the house. As a pet, they tend to be loyal and lovable.

Because they watch their human family members so carefully, you shouldn’t be surprised that they can sometimes get into a little trouble, doing things such as trying to open doors and cabinets.

Bengal Cats tend to live for many years, so if you bring one home, you need to be prepared for a lifetime of care. With many of these cats living up to 15 years, your house will never be the same again if you bring one home.

Bengal Cats and Water

Another feature of Bengal Cats is that they tend to like water. This can mean a mess in your house if you aren’t careful. In addition to playing with the water dish, you might find your Bengal Cat hopping into the shower with you or trying to swat water in the toilet.

As a good home for a Bengal, you should offer your Bengal Cat water-based activities that he or she can enjoy. Run a little water in the tub for them to splash around in or get a water fountain for them to drink out of. These little factors can make a big difference in your kitty’s life and provide them additional enrichment.

Things to Keep In Mind About a Bengal Cat

To keep your Bengal Cat fit and healthy, you should generally keep them indoors. That’s not to say you can’t take them outside. In fact, Bengal Cats are great candidates to learn to walk on a harness and leash, so you can take them for a walk around the yard or neighborhood.

As mentioned previously, you need to keep your house free of potential hazards like plants that your Bengal Cat can become sickened by. Keep small objects that they might eat away from their mouths and ensure they can’t hurt themselves on electrical cables or heavy objects falling over.

You will want to provide plenty of enrichment for your Bengal Cat to ensure that they are a good fit for your home. Check out our guide here to the best toys for Bengal cats for more ideas to keep your Bengal entertained.

Otherwise they have a tendency to become bored and destructive, which won’t make for a pleasant living experience for either you or the cat.

In Summary – Are Bengal Cats Good Pets?

Bengal Cats make great pets. They are friendly and affectionate with their owners. They can also find themselves getting into trouble, so you need to keep the house free from hazards and ensure you provide plenty of enrichment opportunities for the cat.

You’ll be glad you did – even though there may be the occasional headache!

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