Are Bengal Cats Greedy?

In this short article we are going to look at an interesting, slightly strange question:

“Are Bengal cats greedy?”

We’ve seen a few people asking online, on forums etc whether or not Bengal cats are greedy when it comes to their appetite for food.

So, what is the truth?

Are Bengal cats really that greedy? Are they the stereotypical ‘fat cat’.

Let’s find out:

In our experience, Bengals are no more or less greedy than other types of cats. However, as with all creatures (including humans) their is a great deal of “individual variation”.

Some owners report that their Bengals consume prodigious quantities of food – others will find that their cats have relatively modest appetites.

It’s impossible to predict whether or not an individual Bengal cat (or any cat, for that matter) is going to be a greedy eater.

You might get a Bengal cat that has the appetite of a tiger, or one that eats like a mouse – much like Forrest Gump’s infamous box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Cats Eat More Than You Might Think

One thing to bear in mind when considering if Bengal cats are greedy is that cats generally need to eat more than you might think.

In our experience, many first-time cat owners are shocked by just how much their cats eat, especially when they are rapidly-growing kittens.

If you’ve read our guide to how much your Bengal cat should be eating, then you’ll know that chances are your Bengal isn’t eating more than he/she should. This is especially true if your cat is just a kitten … kittens really do need to eat a prodigious quantity of food in order to give them the fuel necessary for good health and growth.

If you’re concerned that your Bengal is greedy and eating too much, then start by checking against the recommending feeding quantity on the food you provide them. You may well find that you are actually feeding your Bengal a totally normal amount, and have nothing to worry about.

Of course some cats do over-eat for various reasons. Ill-health may cause excessive eating, as could all manner of mental/psychological problems. Read our guide here on the reasons why your Bengal cat may be eating so much, but bear in mind that the root cause is very rarely as simple as ‘greed for food’.

One other important step you should take is to ensure that your Bengal is eating the right food for his/her needs. Check out our guide to the best food for Bengal cats to find the right option for your cat – picking a suitable food option is critical for the optimal health of your cat.

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