Are Bengal Cats High Maintenance?

One of the most common questions we get asked by prospective Bengal cat owners is “are Bengal cats high maintenance”.

While many are drawn in by the allure and appeal of Bengal cats, it can also be concerning to think that you might be signing up to a potentially very long term commitment to a high maintenance cat.

So what is the truth?

Are Bengal cats really high maintenance? Or is it easy enough to look after a Bengal.

Keep reading to find out the truth about looking after a Bengal cat!

Bengal Cats Can Be High Maintenance

The first thing we want to make clear is that Bengal cats definitely can be high maintenance.

Compared to “regular” cats, there does seem to be a bit of a preponderance in the Bengal cat population towards being demanding and being harder to look after.

Now this isn’t a rule; it isn’t set in stone.

Many Bengal owners report their pets to be easy going, and many “tabby cat” owners find their supposedly easy cats to be a challenge.

Just like all humans are different, all cats (including Bengals) are different and unique in terms of personality. You simply cannot predict exactly how your Bengal is going to behave, and whether he/she is going to be high maintenance.

However, as a rule of thumb it is probably more likely that a Bengal will take more looking after than a regular cat. There just seems to be something in their nature that requires additional work to look after them properly – Bengals can be very demanding in terms of attention etc.

The Maintenance Is Manageable

The good news is that this potential tendency towards high maintenance is not insurmountable.

Provided you go in to the Bengal cat ownership process with your “eyes wide open”, we think you’ll be absolutely fine.

The key is to prepare yourself for some of the main negative/challenging aspects of ownership.

Probably the biggest one in our experience is the fact that Bengal cats do tend to require a large amount of attention in order to be content. Bengals just seem to have a tendency to be “attention seeking” cats. Now depending on what you want out of a cat, this might actually be a good thing in your perspective. However, it is definitely something you need to be prepared for.

Another “maintenance issue” with Bengal cats is that they can be extremely high energy. Many first-time owners report being stunned by just how energetic their Bengal cats can be. Bengal cat zoomies can be a very real thing, and something that you might find challenging. One of the best solutions here is to ensure you have a good selection of toys for your Bengal. Check out our guide to the recommended toys for Bengal cats here.

Diet is another area where Bengal cats can show a tendency towards being high maintenance. Bengals can be quite picky in terms of what they like to eat, and also can be rather demanding in terms of needing quality food to fuel their growth and health. Ensure that you read our guide to the best food for Bengal cats here for more information.


Are Bengal cats high maintenance?

Yes, they can be (at least when compared to normal cats). This is not just our own experience – plenty of other Bengal cat owners have told us the same.

However, the individual nature of any particular cat is more important; you may get a Bengal that is super easy going, for example. On the other hand, you may get a more challenging cat.

What really matters is being prepared and accepting that Bengals can often require a lot of attention and a fair bit of maintenance.

Provided you are happy with and prepared for this, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem at all!

Make sure you take the time to read the other articles on this website about Bengal cat behaviour and ownership; they will ensure that you have the smoothest/easiest time possible with your new Bengal!

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