Are Bengal Cats Loyal?

Are Bengal Cats Loyal?

In this article we answer the question of whether or not Bengal cats are loyal.

To start, cats have always had a reputation of being less loyal creatures than dogs.

They are more “aloof” and more content to be by themselves and do their own thing.

But what about Bengals?

Do Bengals follow the usual cat trend and behavior patterns, or are they different?

So, Are Bengal Cats Loyal Pets?

The Bengal cat is known to be a more loyal breed than some other breeds of cat.

Bengals are desired worldwide in part for their personality that makes them generally very friendly to humans (especially when compared to other breeds of cat).

In particular, Bengals are famed for becoming primarily attached to one person within the family/household, and being incredibly loyal to them.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your cat won’t be friendly to anyone else in the house. However, there is a strong chance that your Bengal will be particularly attached and committed to one particular person.

Also don’t be alarmed if your Bengal demonstrates some of the more “aloof” behaviours that we associate with cats. Bengals – after all – are still normal domestic cats.

Some people expect that Bengals (due to their exotic nature) should behave totally differently to regular domestic cats. However, this isn’t the case – but you will surely notice some difference at least.


Are Bengal cats loyal cats?

Compared to many other breeds of domestic cat, yes they are.

Now don’t go expecting your Bengal to behave like a dog. If you do, then you will surely be disappointed!

If you want a dog, then buy a dog. Trying to get a cat that behaves like a dog in terms of “loyalty” is always going to be a challenge!

However, if you’re after a cat that is more loyal than most (and will often form a particularly strong bond with one person in the household) then a Bengal cat could be a great addition to your family.

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  1. Bengal cats are very loving, loyal and a dedicated part of the family unit as they possess a good temperament with children. They are commonly very playful and enjoy interaction with people on a regular basis to show off their cheeky sense of humour and mischievous nature.

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