Are Bengal Cats Small?

It might be one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions, but we frequently get asked ‘are Bengal cats small?’

There are generally two reasons this question is asked:

1. A prospective Bengal cat owner doesn’t want too big of a cat in their house (perhaps due to space restrictions, e.g. you live in an apartment. On that topic make sure you check out our guide to whether or not Bengal cats can live in apartments!). If space is at a premium, then you’re not going to want a cat that takes up unnecessary amounts of space.
2. A prospective Bengal cat owners wants a larger “specimen” of a cat. Perhaps you like the idea of having a mini-Tiger running around your house!

So what is the truth … are Bengal cats small or are they large?

On average, Bengal cats tend to fall on the larger side of the domestic cat size spectrum.

Now Bengals are nowhere near the size of some of the truly massive domestic cat breeds (like the Ocicat, or even something like a Maine Coon).

However, if you read our Bengal cat size guide, you will see that Bengals do have a reputation for generally being a larger, more muscular, more powerful cat.

They aren’t shockingly large like an Ocicat, but Bengals definitely aren’t tiny either.

Whether this “floats your boat” or not will depend on entirely what you are looking for in a cat.

Provided you are happy with a cat that is going to be a bit larger than a normal domestic cat, then you should be totally fine with a Bengal cat.

Are Bengal cats small? No – but they aren’t massive either. A good size animal with a great nature … what’s not to love?

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