Are Laser Toys Safe For Bengal Cats?

Getting an inexpensive laser pointer or laser cat toy (like this one here on Amazon) and using it to give your cat something to chase is a recipe for hours of fun – for both yourself and the cat!

There is something about the little red laser dot that is just so hypnotising and irresistible for your cat, and laser toys are great for bringing out that ‘hidden killer’ in your cat and letting them indulge in their wild side a little bit more.

However, are laser toys safe for Bengal cats? Or is letting your bengal chase a laser a recipe for potential disaster?

Keep reading as we cover whether or not laser toys and pointers are a good idea for entertaining your Bengal cat.

For starters, remember it is critical that you keep your Bengal entertained.

A bored Bengal cat is much more likely to be destructive (read our article here on whether or not a Bengal cat will destroy your house, and our tips here on how to prevent your Bengal from damaging your soft furnishings).

It’s also important to ensure that your Bengal gets adequate exercise. Excessive weight gain is a massive issue for Bengals (and all other types of cats) so it’s critical that they get a good run around on a regular basis to not only “blow off steam” but also to stay healthy. This is especially important if you have an indoor Bengal that lives in an apartment, for example.

So on the basis of encouraging exercise and promoting mental stimulation, it’s clear that laser pointers & laser cat toys are not bad options for your Bengal cat.

But what about the safety aspect?

The only real risk is accidentally shining the laser in to your Bengal’s eyes.

As we all know, lasers can cause eye damage if shone directly into the eye.

Therefore, it’s important to avoid shining the laser in to the eye of your Bengcaal when playing together.

An accidental “glance” with the laser won’t be the end of the world, but it is to be avoided as much as you can.

We recommend you use a specific laser toy for Bengal cats (as opposed to any old laser pointer you’ve found lying around) as these have lasers that are less powerful and therefore less harmful if you do accidentally shine it into your cat’s eyes.

Finally, it’s important to consider the biggest downside of laser toys for Bengal cats.

There is no “resolution”.

Because your cat can never actually catch the laser, it can be frustrating and actually disheartening for them.

Therefore, we don’t recommend you use a laser toy for your Bengal cat all of the time.

It’s a great ‘occasional’ option for fun and entertainment, but you should also look at toys for your Bengal cat that they can ultimately catch and feel the thrill of the chase coming to a successful conclusion.

To conclude, are laser pointers and laser toys safe for Bengal cats?

Yes – provided you follow sufficient precautions.

However, ensure that you also give your Bengal the opportunity to play with toys that they can ultimately catch and feel rewarded and successful for doing so. Check out our guide to the best toys for Bengal cats for more info.

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