Benefits Of Walking Your Bengal Cat

Walking a cat may seem like an unusual concept, but it can actually be beneficial for both the cat and the owner.

When it comes to walking animals, almost everyone thinks first and foremost about walking dogs. However, there are numerous benefits and advantages to walking your cat.

In this article we are going to look at the benefits of talking your Bengal for a walk:

First and foremost, walking your Bengal cat provides them with much-needed exercise.

Cats are natural hunters and are designed to be active and move around throughout the day. In the domestic environment, however, cats may not have the opportunity to engage in as much physical activity as they would in the wild. By taking them for walks, owners can provide their cats with the exercise they need to stay healthy and fit.

In addition to providing physical benefits, walking a cat can also have mental and emotional benefits. Cats can become bored and restless if they do not have enough stimulation, which can lead to behavior problems such as excessive meowing or destructive scratching.

By taking them for walks, owners can provide their cats with new and interesting things to see and smell, which can help keep them mentally stimulated and happy.

Walking a cat can also be beneficial for the owner. It can provide an opportunity for some much-needed fresh air and sunshine, which can improve the owner’s mood and overall health. Although it’s not easy to find scientific research/evidence on cat walking, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that humans who walk dogs enjoy mental and physical health benefits and greater longevity (e.g. this research). Considering that walking is walking – whether walking a cat or a dog – the physical and mental benefits still apply for humans.

Plus, walking a cat can be a bonding experience for both the owner and the cat, as they spend time together in a new and exciting environment.

Another advantage of walking your Bengal cat is that this can be a great way to get your cat outside if you live in a smaller property with no garden or easy outdoors access. For example, although Bengal cats can live happily in apartments (and a cat can be totally indoors if so required) taking your cat for a leashed walk in the local park/communal outdoors area of your complex can be an excellent way for both human and feline to stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air.

One more advantage of leash walking your Bengal cat is that compared to letting your Bengal outside to “free roam” there is less risk to local wildlife. This probably isn’t too much of a concern if you live somewhere with little in the way of protected wildlife, but where I live for example there are protected bird species, and cat attacks claim a lot of victims.

Overall, walking a cat can provide numerous benefits for both the cat and the owner. It can provide much-needed exercise, mental and emotional stimulation, and can be a great bonding experience. So, the next time you’re thinking of taking your cat for a walk, go for it! Your cat (and you) will be glad you did … and the local wildlife might also thank you for your choice as well.

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