Bengal Cat/Human Age Calculator

Wondering how old your Bengal cat is in “human years”? Try our simple Bengal cat to human age calculator below.

This calculator will also show a visualisation of your cat’s age in feline years and human years and help you to answer the question “how old is my Bengal cat in human years”, based on an average feline lifespan of 15 years and an average human lifespan of 80 years. Also pay attention to the calculator notes below that explains the “logic” behind the Bengal cat/human age calculator.

Bengal Cat Age Calculator

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“How Old Is My Bengal Cat In Human Years?” – Calculator Notes:

The conversion of cat years to human years isn’t as straightforward as the old myth of “7 dog years for every human year.” The development and aging process of a cat is different from that of humans.

Here’s a general guideline that is often used to approximate cat years to human years, and also the logic that sits behind the calculator tool above.

  1. The first cat year is equivalent to about 15 human years.
  2. The second cat year is equivalent to about 24 human years.
  3. After the second year, every additional cat year can be thought of as roughly equivalent to 4 human years.

So, using this general guideline, if you have a cat that’s 5 years old:

1st year: 15 human years 2nd year: 9 human years (24 – 15) 3rd year onward (for 3 years in this case): 3 years x 4 human years/year = 12 human years

Add those up: 15 + 9 + 12 = 36 human years.

So, a 5-year-old cat would be approximately 36 in human years.

However, this is just a rough estimate. Cats, like humans, can age at slightly different rates based on genetics, health, care, and environmental factors. If you’re curious about your cat’s health as it relates to their age, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian.

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