Bengal Cat Litter Use & Cost Calculator

Use the calculator below to figure out how much litter (in mL) your cat(s) will use in a given day/week/month, and also plug in the cost and quantity of your preferred litter brand to get a cost. This tool can be helpful to enable you to compare multiple brands of litter to find a better deal.

Number of Cats:
Number of Pees per Day (Average):
Litter Box Length (cm):
Litter Box Depth (cm):
Litter Box Width (cm):
Quantity of Purchased Litter (mL):
Cost of Purchased Litter ($):
Daily Litter Use: 0mL
Weekly Litter Use: 0mL
Monthly Litter Use: 0mL

Calculator Notes & Assumptions

  • This calculator operates on the assumption of 30mL of litter being the amount needed to clump a cat pee, which seems to be an accepted ‘average’ measure
  • This calculator operates on the assumption of the volume of the cat litter in the litter tray being 1/4 the volume of the litter tray itself … unless you like to fill your litter tray until it’s overflowing!
  • The number of pees per day is the average per cat (so if you have two cats peeing four times a day each, just write ‘4’ in the box not 8 – the calculator does that bit in the background for you)
  • The calculator is denominated in $ but you can just input a figure from your own currency (all it means is the currency symbol won’t be the right one for you)