Bengal Cat Ownership Tips

In this article I’m going to cover some of my own Bengal cat ownership tips; from a 13 year “Bengal veteran” who has had their own Bengal for 13 years now (Kala is the name, in case you’re interested)

In this short guide I’ll cover some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years to make your Bengal cat ownership experience easier and more enjoyable.

Owning a Bengal isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance – you really do need to be prepared for the potential rigours and challenges of bringing a Bengal into your home.

This isn’t intended to scare you off (far from it – I actively recommend Bengal cat ownership). However, by availing yourself of the facts early on in the process, you’ll ensure a much more enjoyable experience!

With that in mind, here are my top Bengal cat ownership tips … in no particular order.

1. Understand that Bengals have a distinct personality, and prepare for this accordingly. Go into Bengal cat ownership with your eyes wide open … don’t assume it will be as easy as having a “regular” cat in your house. This was one of the most difficult adjustments I had to make when first bringing Kala into the house. Although Bengals aren’t wild (despite the misconception) there is undoubtedly still an element of this that filters through to their behaviour.

2. Be prepared for the noise. Bengal cats have a tendency to be highly vocal. If you want a quiet cat, then look elsewhere. Kala lets me know all the time if she is happy, sad, or something in between. You need to be ready for this as it can become a bit grating over time.

3. Keep a clean litter tray/box. While no cat likes dirty litter conditions, there does seem to be a trend of Bengal owners reporting that their cats simply cannot deal with an unclean litter tray. Certainly, nothing angers Kala more (and I promise you she lets me know about it) than having an unclean litter tray. You may wish to invest in multiple trays, especially if you are going to leave your Bengal at home while you work. Read our guide to the best litter trays for Bengal cats here.

4. Have a good selection of toys, especially when young. Bengals can be highly playful, especially when young. A good selection of toys (read the guide to the best toys for Bengal cats here) will help to enrich play time and also minimise the risk of any damage to your other property. When Kala was young she had a tendency to be highly destructive (if you’re concerned about this, you might like to read my guide to whether or not a Bengal cat will destroy your house). One of the ways I was able to minimise this was to provide an enriching indoor experience with plenty of toys. You may like to vary toys on a regular basis as well so as to encourage additional enrichment and stimulation!

Overall, Bengal cat ownership is a wonderful experience but there are some ups and downs.

Hopefully these ownership tips have given you a few things to think about. Remember that the secret to happy Bengal ownership is to be prepared in advance for the challenges that may arise on your journey together.

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