Best Anti-Scratch Spray For Bengal Cats

One of the most irritating parts of Bengal cat ownership can be the damage to your furniture.

It is well known that Bengal cats – especially younger ones – can have a tendency to be scratchers.

No piece of furniture or curtain in your house is safe if you have a “scratcher” of a cat.

So how can you stop your Bengal cat from scratching your curtains, furniture and other property?

In other articles we have covered how to stop your Bengal cat from damaging furniture, and whether or not a Bengal cat will destroy your house (if you’re on the fence about bringing a Bengal into your home). We suggest you go and check out those articles as well.

One of the most popular strategies to stop a cat from scratching your furniture and soft furnishings is to use an anti-scratch spray (also known as a scratch repellent spray).

Basically, what you do is get your cat scratch spray and then spray it on to the piece of furniture (or pieces of furniture) that is being attacked by your Bengal cat.

The idea is that the scent puts off your cat from scratching and attacking the furniture.

For example, there are plenty of scratch repellent sprays that contain citrus oil (or other citrus ingredients) as citrus is known to dissuade cats from scratching due to the odour.

Compared to trying to train your Bengal to avoid scratching your furniture, this sounds like a super appealing option indeed!

What Is The Best Cat Deterrent Spray For Bengal Cats?

Now that we’ve determined the mechanism of how cat deterrent spray works, it’s time to take a look at what the best “anti scratch” spray is for your Bengal cat.

Having looked at reviews of numerous products online (on Amazon, on forums, blogs, and in Facebook groups) the best product we can recommend here is Pet MasterMind Cat Spray.

This is an affordably priced product so you don’t need to worry about spending too much money to see if it works.

It is a plant-based formula (so nice and natural with no artificial ingredients) and also non-staining so you shouldn’t need to worry about it damaging your furniture – however we do suggest that you test in an inconspicuous area first.

You can check out Pet MasterMind Cat Spray here on Amazon

A Word Of Warning

One thing to note is that all anti-scratch sprays that you can find online tend to have fairly “middling” reviews. Some people swear by them, and others find they are ineffective – there tends to be little middle ground.

We still recommend you give Pet MasterMind Cat Spray a try as it is the best rated option overall that has enough reviews to give credence and credibility.

However, don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t work as effectively as you might have hoped. We recommend you purchase a bottle to try due to the low cost, but go in with realistic expectations as it simply doesn’t work for everyone – this seems to be common feedback on all types of anti scratch spray for Bengal cats.

Another Alternative To Consider

If you’re not willing to take the chance on using a cat repellent spray to prevent your Bengal cat from scratching you furniture, then another type of product you might want to consider is anti scratch tape.

This is applied directly to the piece of furniture in question and discourages your cat from scratching by making the surface slippery and unpleasant for their claws.

You can check out our guide to the best anti scratch tape for Bengal cats here.

Also make sure that you have a good scratching post for your Bengal cat. Read our guide to the best scratching posts for Bengal cats here – it is critical that you offer a ‘positive’ alternative for your cat to scratch!

We hope you found this guide to scratch repellent spray for Bengal cats helpful – please check out the other great articles on this site as well.

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