5 Best Leashes For Bengal Cats

While most people find the idea of walking their cat silly, felines need exercise too! Not only will walking be a great extra exercise, but it will also give your Bengal cat a chance to explore the outdoors safely. But before you get your shoes on and head out for a walk you will have to find the best leash for Bengal cats.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the best harnesses for Bengal cats – as that is essential as well (a leash without a harness is a little bit pointless!)

Quick Links To The Best Leashes For Bengal Cats

With the right leash, it’s easy to keep control over your Bengal cat and get her to know the world outside your apartment.

However, the problem is finding a durable leash, that is at the same time, light enough so it won’t restrict your cat’s movements.

To help you make an informed decision we have tested many cat leashes and picked the top five models. Let’s see what leashes have made the cut for being the best for Bengal cats!

Best Leash For Bengal Cats Reviewed

Below, you will find in-depth reviews of our five favorite cat leashes for Bengal cats. We’ve included pros, cons, and key features of each product to help you decide which one meets yours and your cat’s needs the best.

1. RC Pet Products Kitty Cat Leash – Overall Best

The RC Pet Products Kitty Cat Leash comes in a variety of different colors and patterns and is a perfect choice for when your Bengal wants to go outside your apartment or home.

Key Features

  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • Machine washable
  • Six feet long

This colorful leash is made from ½ inch soft webbing, is six feet long, and features a sturdy nickel-plated hardware attachment.

Made to be durable and safe, this leash won’t snap in the middle of the walk and will give your kitty enough room to walk and explore outdoors.


  • High-quality soft webbing makes it comfortable to hold
  • The strong attachment works with any harness
  • Long enough to give your cat room to explore
  • Easy to clean and machine washable


  • One owner noted that the leash isn’t as long as he wanted it to be – check first if the length will suit your needs before purchasing.

Overall, the high-quality and durable RC Pet Products Kitty Cat Leash is a great option for active Bengal cats who like to go for

A quality leash (and harness) is essential for safely and enjoyably walking your Bengal cat


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2. Dele Retractable Cat Leash – Runner Up

The Dele Retractable Cat Leash is an excellent option if you are looking for an extendable lead that will give your cat a chance to safely roam and explore.

Key Features

  • Extends up to seven feet
  • Adjustable length
  • Braking system

Ideal for cats up to 22lbs, this retractable leash is easy to grip and comes with a one-hand braking system that controls the length of the leash. Made from durable plastic and strong spring, this cat leash is great for daily use and Bengal cats who like to explore.


  • Ergonomic grip and anti-slip handle for better control
  • The length can be adjusted thanks to the braking system
  • Gives your cat freedom while keeping her safe
  • Can be attached to any cat harness


  • A few owners reported that the leash wasn’t long enough for them

Overall, the Dele Retractable Cat Leash is a great choice if you want a longer leash that will give your cat room to explore and keep her safe at the same time.

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3. Rabitgoo Cat Walking Leash – Best Budget

The Rabitgoo Cat Walking Leash is a durable and lightweight cat lead that will keep your Bengal cat safe during a walk at a budget-friendly price.

Key Features

  • Swivel clip
  • Pack of two leashes
  • 59” long

While it may look simple, this leash is designed to offer protection to your cat and will help you stay in control during every walk. Made from durable nylon, this leash is tangle-free and thanks to a 360-degree swivel clip you can attach it to your favorite kitty harness.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Sturdy handle for better control over your cat
  • Can be used for walks and leash training
  • The set includes one black and one green cat leash


  • A few owners noted that the leash could be longer

Overall, the Rabitgoo Cat Walking Leash is an excellent pick if you are on a tight budget, and best of all, you’ll get two lightweight and durable leashes for your cat.

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4. Hamilton Snag Proof Cat Lead – Best Braided Cat Leash

The Hamilton Snag Proof Cat Lead is a lightweight and durable cat leash that will give your Bengal cat freedom to walk without getting tangled.

Key Features

  • Four feet long
  • Braided nylon
  • Swivel snap

Made from high-quality and durable nylon, this lightweight leash is ideal for cats who just started to go for walks or are still training. It is designed to fit nicely into your hand and will give you excellent control over your cat no matter where you go.


  • Easy to grip and lightweight
  • Made from durable braided nylon
  • The length is perfect for timid cats who just started going out
  • The swivel snap works with all cat harnesses


  • One owner reported that his cat didn’t want to use this leash

Overall, the Hamilton Snag Proof Cat Lead is a durable and cute little leash that will give you control over your Bengal cat and help keep her safe outside.

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5. PetSafe Bungee Leash – Best Leash & Harness Set

The PetSafe Bungee Leash is an excellent choice if you are searching for a leash and harness set for your Bengal cat.

Key Features

  • Three sizes
  • Adjustable harness
  • Stretchy leash

Sold as a set, this leash and harness, come in three sizes and the harness is fully adjustable for a snug fit. The leash is designed to stretch a bit and will extend to prevent hard pulling or tugging. This leash will also work with any other harness so you can choose how you want to use it.


  • The leash prevents harsh pulling and tugging
  • The fully adjustable harness comes in three sizes
  • Great for curious cats who like to pull on their leash
  • Made from durable and lightweight materials


  • Several customers noted that the harness isn’t secure but they liked the leash

Overall, the PetSafe Bungee Leash is a great option for adult and energetic cats who like to pull on their lead and will help you keep your Bengal cat under control.

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Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Leash For Bengal Cats

While it may not seem like that at first, not all cat leashes are made the same, and not all will work for your Bengal cat. But finding a good leash is extremely important – you don’t want to spend money on a model that will snap or tear after the first couple of walks.

Here are some things you need to consider:

Length: Not all cat leashes are of the same length – some are shorter, some are longer. While shorter leashes may not allow your cat much room for exploration, they will give you better control. On the other hand, longer leashes give cats more room, but they can snag easily. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one meets your needs.

Materials: A good leash has to be made from durable materials that won’t break if your kitty pulls one too many times. Look for cat leashes that are made from durable nylon and have strong stitching that won’t come apart easily.

Lightweight: While Bengal cats act like dogs in many ways, they aren’t as strong as canines and won’t feel comfortable walking on a cumbersome and heavy leash. Thus, look for one that is lightweight so it doesn’t affect your cat’s movements.

Secure: Look for leashes that have durable and secure metal clasp that can be attached to any type of cat harness. Some leashes come with a swivel system that supports better movements and ensures that the leash stays tangle-free.

Should Bengal Cats Wear Leashes?

Until recently daily walks were reserved for dog owners, but now cat owners have the opportunity to take their felines out without just letting them roam around unsupervised. While it’s still less common to walk your cat than it is to walk a dog there are no reasons why you shouldn’t try it.

Some of the benefits of taking your Bengal cat for a walk are:

While it’s not safe to let your Bengal outside alone, there are no major risks when it comes to fitting her with a harness and a leash.

Taking your cat to regular walks can keep her exercised and improve her overall health.

Taking your Bengal cat to walks can help you strengthen your bond.

Walking your cat on a leash will give her a chance to explore the outdoors and fulfill her natural instincts without jeopardizing her well-being.

Keep in mind, you will have to train your Bengal cat and get her used to wearing a harness and a leash before you take her for a walk around the block.

In Summary – What Is The Best Leash For Bengal Cats?

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of taking your cat out for a walk, but in order to do so, you will have to get a leash and a harness. A good leash will give you better control over your cat and ensure her safety while you are exploring the neighborhood.

While any of the five leashes reviewed above will work for your cat, the RC Pet Products Kitty Cat Leash is the overall best leash for Bengal cats.

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option you might find that the Rabitgoo Cat Walking Leash ticks all of your boxes. And if you are searching for something in between, look no further than the Dele Retractable Cat Leash.

Ultimately, whichever you choose you can rest assured that you will be in complete control and that your Bengal cat will be safe outside!

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