Best Odor Removal Spray For Bengal Cats

Best Odor Removal Spray For Bengal Cats

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One of the most irritating challenges with Bengal cat ownership (although this equally goes for any breed of cat) is when your cat pees on the floor, particularly the carpet.

Provided you’ve got the right litter box for your Bengal cat and have adequately trained your Bengal to use said litter box, then any “accidents” on your carpet or furniture should hopefully be infrequent indeed. However, accidents can still happen, which is extremely frustrating indeed.

Anyone who has owned a cat before will be able to tell you that the odor that can be left on carpet and furniture from one of those dreaded accidents can be rather unpleasant indeed, and also very difficult to shift.

So what can you do to fix this problem?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of urine odors left by your Bengal cat is to use an odor removal spray. You can look at homemade options, but in our opinion by the time you muck around and waste time mixing everything together and trying different formulations, you’re probably better off just buying a professional product as they generally aren’t very expensive at all.

In this short article we are going to cover our recommended option for the best odor spray for your Bengal cat.

We hope you find it helpful!

What Is Our Recommended Odor Spray For Your Bengal Cat?

There are many different odor removal sprays available for purchase.

You can find all kinds of options online, or at your online pet store.

However, by doing a bit of research, looking at customer reviews etc we believe that your first port of call should be ‘Angry Orange’ pet odor eliminator. You can purchase Angry Orange pet odor eliminator here on 

Our recommended urine/odor removal spray for cleaning up after your Bengal!

This product is actually marketed at both cats and dogs, but has overwhelmingly positive reviews from owners of bother.

It is a commercial grade, citrus-based odor removal product.

Because of its natural ingredients and gentle-yet-powerful formulation, you don’t need to worry too much about it damaging your furniture or carpet. However, we do recommend that you test it in an inconspicuous area first (to be honest, this is good practice for any such product – including other cat sprays such as scratch repellent spray).

Angry Orange customers report a high level of satisfaction with how the product works in terms of removing tough odors, as well as a pleasant citrus fragrance that can hide what your Bengal cat has left for you as an unwanted gift!

You can check out Angry Orange pet odor eliminator on and order your own bottle – just because it is marketed as being for both cats AND dogs, doesn’t mean you should overlook it. It is a great product indeed and well worth trying.

There are many other odor removal sprays for cats available, but Angry Orange should be your first port of call in our opinion.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please continue browsing our site for many more articles that solve your problems and answer your questions about Bengal cat ownership!

If you’ve tried any other odor removal sprays or products for your Bengal that have worked well, we would appreciate you letting us know in the comment section below.

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