Can Bengal Cats Be Left Alone?

In this article we are going to answer the question “can Bengal cats be left alone?”

Although cats are generally easier to leave alone for short periods of time compared to dogs, it’s obviously not ideal to leave your cat alone too often.

Leaving Your Bengal For Up To A Day

The most common scenario in which you will need to leave your Bengal alone is when you go to work, and there is nobody left at home to look after him/her.

This is totally fine, provided you ensure the following:

1. Your Bengal has plenty of food and water. Consider investing in an automated pet food dispenser to “dose” out meals at regular intervals.
2. Your Bengal has fresh litter (if it uses a litter tray as opposed to going outside). This is important. Bengals are very sensitive to having unclean litter trays, so you cannot leave their tray for more than a day. Many owners report in fact having to have multiple litter trays to keep their Bengals happy. Ensure you’ve read our guide to the best litter trays for Bengal cats, as this is critical to get right.
3. Your Bengal has plenty of toys to play with – they may get bored during the day, and a bored Bengal is more likely to decide to tear your house to pieces.
4. You have minimised any injury risks/hazards. A classic example of this would be putting away the iron rather than sitting it on top of the ironing board. Your cat might decide to play around there and could be crushed by the iron

If you can satisfy those conditions, then you can safely go to work knowing your Bengal will be fine.

Leaving Your Bengal For More Than A Day

Some owners (not just of Bengal cats, but of any breed of cat) may well be content to leave their pet for a protracted period if time.

This will generally be if you’re going away for 2-3 days for a business trip, long weekend getaway etc.

While you might possibly be able to do this, we really do advise against it.

Leaving your Bengal for this long isn’t good for a few reasons:

1. It will be hard to give them access to clean litter in their litter tray. A dirty litter tray causes a lot of distress for a Bengal cat.
2. Ensuring access to clean water will be more difficult. A fresh bowl of water might last a day or two, but will go scummy relatively quickly.
3. Ensuring adequate access to food will be more challenging. This is especially the case if you don’t have an automated cat feeder.
4. If an accident or bout of ill health strikes your Bengal, the longer you are away the higher the chance of it becoming a serious health problem. Sometimes you need to get your pet to the vet ASAP!
5. It’s ultimately boring for your Bengal, and could even cause anxiety and stress. Is that really fair on your cat?


As you can see, Bengal cats can be left alone for short periods of time. However, anything over a night we think would be unreasonable without some form of human contact.

Therefore, if you’re planning on heading away for a few days and can’t arrange for your Bengal to go in a cattery, then you’ll want to arrange for a neighbour or friend to come around.

Make sure you follow our guidelines if you are going to leave your Bengal at home during the day – this will help to keep him/her safe, and make life easier for you!

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