Can Bengal Cats Drink Alcohol?

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In this short article, we look at whether or not Bengal cats can drink alcohol.

This won’t be a particularly long read, as the answer is clear and unambiguous.

Bengal cats cannot drink alcohol, and should not be allowed to consume any form of alcohol under any circumstance.

Now chances are that your Bengal won’t show any interest in any kind of alcoholic beverage anyway … even the finest wine your cat is likely to turn his/her nose up at.

However, we have heard some anecdotal stories of Bengals showing interest in alcoholic beverages that have other additives/mixers, or have more of a milky texture and taste e.g. Baileys.

Is Alcohol Dangerous For Bengal Cats?

Absolutely. Alcohol is extremely dangerous for any cat, for that matter.

The consumption of even a relatively small amount of alcohol can quickly lead to ethanol poisoning, resulting in serious sickness and even death.

Ill effects of alcohol consumption in cats can include:

  • Drops in body temperature
  • Drops in blood sugar
  • Drops in blood pressure
  • Seizures
  • Respiratory failure
  • Death

Basically, your Bengal cat’s liver and digestive system is not capable of processing alcohol in the same way that a human’s can.

Therefore, alcohol is one of the most toxic substances for your cat, and needs to be avoided at all costs.

My Bengal Cat Has Consumed Some Alcohol – What Should I Do?

If your Bengal cat has somehow managed to consume some alcohol, what should you do?

The first thing is to try and assess the quantity.

If your Bengal has consumed only a tiny amount of alcohol, then this is unlikely to be too serious – the recommended course of action here is to observe your pet, and then escalate to the vet if symptoms of sickness develop.

However, if you suspect for any reason that your cat has consumed a meaningful quantity of alcohol (especially any kind of spirit or stronger alcohol) then head straight for the vets without delay.

To conclude, can Bengal cats drink alcohol?

No, they absolutely cannot.

Alcohol – in any form has the potential to cause serious harm for your Bengal cat, so needs to be avoided like the plague (maybe we will do an article one day on whether or not Bengal cats can catch the plague!)

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