Can Bengal Cats Drink Coffee?

A fresh, hot cup of coffee is a morning ritual for many humans.

Without it, rates of road rage and office meltdowns would probably go through the roof.

However, can Bengal cats drink coffee?

In this short article we are going to look at whether or not it is safe for your Bengal to consume any coffee.

Is It Safe For My Bengal Cat To Drink Coffee?

The short answer is no.

The middle-length answer is absolutely not.

The long answer is no, your Bengal definitely shouldn’t drink coffee!

While a small amount of coffee is unlikely to do any great harm, repeated consumption of coffee (or consuming a particularly large quantity in one go) could have seriously bad consequences for your Bengal.

Why Is Coffee So Bad For Bengal Cats?

As we all know, coffee contains caffeine.

Caffeine’s effects are well known and studied, including its effects on the circulatory system and nervous system.

Because of our larger mass, humans are more than capable of drinking relatively large quantities of coffee without the constituent caffeine causing bad health effects (generally caffeine poisoning in humans comes from inadvertent consumption of pure caffeine powder).

However, cats have a much smaller mass and are simply not built to absorb and metabolise caffeine.

What would be a small dose of caffeine can be life-threatening for a cat.

The caffeine in coffee can cause all manner of issues in your Bengal cat, ultimately culminating in serious sickness or even death.


In conclusion, it’s important to keep your Bengal cat away from the coffee pot. If you’ve left a few drops in the bottom of a cup and your cat has drunk that, then it won’t be an issue.

However, if your Bengal has consumed any meaningful quantity of coffee, then you need to get them to the vet ASAP. Don’t delay, this could be a life or death matter for your cat.

Can Bengal cats drink coffee? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

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