Can Bengal Cats Drink Cola?

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Now, one of the strangest questions we’ve had submitted in a while is ‘can Bengal cats drink cola?’

We’ve never shied away from answering anything on this website, so let’s jump in and answer this interesting (albeit unusual) question.

Can Bengal Cats Drink Cola Such As Coke Or Pepsi?

No – under no circumstances should your Bengal cat drink cola … and the reasons for this are many:

1. Cola is full of sugar – Sugar is “empty calories” for your Bengal cat and can lead to weight gain and obesity, which is a serious health concern for your cat and one of the leading causes of premature death and illness. There is ZERO nutritional value in cola – just sugary calories which will provide no benefit to your cat, so avoid this like the plague. Don’t think diet colas are any better, as the artificial sweeteners could cause health problems as well.

2. It is bad for their teeth – We all know that cola and other carbonated soda drinks cause tooth decay in humans. The same applies for cats, especially when you consider they don’t have the means to brush their teeth. Even small amounts of cola or soda will be harmful for your Bengal cat’s teeth.

3. Caffeine can be fatal for your pet – As we covered on our article ‘Can Bengal Cats Drink Coffee’, even the smallest quantity of caffeine can be toxic and potentially fatal to your Bengal cat. Cola tends to contain caffeine (albeit at what is reasonably modest levels for a human). The small amount of caffeine in a standard cola may be very harmful indeed for your Bengal.

To recap, can Bengal cats drink cola?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Under NO circumstance should your Bengal cat be allowed to drink cola.

Some owners might think it is fun or a nice treat to allow their cat a little bit of sugary cola goodness – please do not fall into this trap as doing so has the potential to cause serious harm to your pet.

Stick to healthy liquids like water and possibly pet milk.

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