Can Bengal Cats Drink Energy Drinks?

For many humans, a cold, refreshing can of energy drink like Red Bull or Monster is practically a daily ritual.

Health effects (or lack thereof) in humans aside, can Bengal cats drink energy drinks?

What should you do if your Bengal has decided to crack open one of your Red Bulls and knock it back faster than a freshman in party mode?

Caffeine Is Toxic To Bengal Cats

Like all cats, Bengals are sensitive to caffeine and it is terrible for their health.

Cats (like most animals) are simply not designed to be able to safely metabolise caffeine.

What would be a tiny amount of caffeine for a human could be simply fatal for your Bengal.

Caffeine toxicity is a serious problem for cats of all breeds, Bengals included.

Energy Drinks Are High In Sugar & Calories

If the potentially life-threatening effects of caffeine weren’t enough to prevent you from letting your Bengal cat consume any energy drinks, it’s also important to remember that most energy drinks are very high in sugar and calories.

This alone (without the caffeine) would not be good for the health of your Bengal and could have disastrous consequences in terms of weight gain and dental health.

Furthermore, the acidic nature of energy drinks (and all the preservatives they are loaded with) could wreak havoc on your Bengal’s guts!


To conclude, your Bengal cat cannot and should not drink energy drink. Chances are they will probably turn their nose up at it anyway, so the risk of a Bengal actually consuming energy drinks is relatively low!

If your cat has inadvertently drunk energy drink, then you need to determine how much they had. If it was just a sip or two, then it won’t do them any harm (but prevent it from happening again).

However, if they have drunk a whole load of energy drink somehow, then you need to contact your vet ASAP.

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