Can Bengal Cats Drink Green Tea?

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In this short article, we cover the following  question:

“Can Bengal cats drink green tea?”

In the past we’ve looked at whether or not Bengals can drink “regular” tea – but what about Green tea?

You might have noticed your Bengal sniffing around when you are drinking green tea.

Is it safe for you to give your cat a taste? Or is green tea dangerous for Bengal cats?

Let’s find out!

Can Bengal Cats Drink Green Tea – What You Need To Know

Bengal cats shouldn’t drink green tea.


Because green tea contains caffeine, and caffeine is dangerous for cats (as we have established on other articles such as whether or not your Bengal can drink coffee).

Even a relatively small amount of caffeine can be harmful for your Bengal cat.

What might be totally fine (and not a problem at all) for a human has the potential to cause serious harm for your Bengal.

My Bengal Cat Has Drunk Some Green Tea – What Should I Do?

So, what should you do if it turns out your Bengal has somehow been able to drink some green tea?

Is it time to panic?

Or can you “ride it out?”

Basically, this all comes down to a question of how much green tea your Bengal has consumed.

If – for some reason – he/she has managed to consume a large quantity (most likely scenario here being eating leaves or tea bags with green tea) then monitor for any signs of sickness and if they present, then take your Bengal immediately to the vet – every second counts!

However, if your Bengal has only consumed a small amount of green tea, then you don’t need to worry. Once again it’s probably prudent to monitor your cat’s health, but the chances of anything going wrong are extremely slim if your cat has only consumed a small quantity.

Conclusion – Can Bengal Cats Drink Green Tea?

No, Bengal cats cannot drink green tea. Because it is a caffeinated beverage, it has the potential to be harmful for your cat.

Cats ares sensitive to caffeine, and even a relatively small amount of caffeine can cause health problems, illness, and possibly even death.

Therefore, ensure you keep your Bengal cat away from your green tea.

Chances are that your Bengal probably won’t be that interested in green tea anyway, but we have heard reports of some cats finding it rather appealing, so it’s best that you are equipped with the right knowledge to deal with the potential problem before it arises!

If you have any questions. queries, or concerns, then feel free to leave a comment below and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible!

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