Can Bengal Cats Eat Dry Food?

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In today’s short article we continue with our recent theme of examining what foods are safe (and what foods are dangerous) for your Bengal.

Our question today is ‘can Bengal cats eat dry food?’

Bengal cats can eat dry food. There is a misconception among some Bengal cat owners that they can only eat wet cat food (e.g. food from tins or pouches) or at the very least much eat a blend of wet and dry food.

However, this is simply not true.

Dry food only is perfectly safe and healthy for your Bengal cat, provided the food you have chosen is “complete” and “balanced”. If you’re not sure what a good dry food is for your Bengal cat, then you can check out our guide to the best food for Bengals here.

Another advantage of dry food is that it can be a lot more affordable to feed than wet food, which may be appealing in the current, challenging economic climate!

Bengal cats can eat dry food, and can in fact live only off dry food (although if you do feed your cat dry food only it’s important to make sure they are drinking enough water. Take a look at our recommended cat water fountains that may help encourage your Bengal to drink more water).

Part of where the misconception that Bengal cats can’t eat dry food only comes from is this belief that cats who aren’t fed wet food don’t drink enough water. A lot of owners seem concerned that dry food only = dehydration (which is obviously a serious health concern). However, if your Bengal is also drinking water, then it’s unlikely to be an issue.

To conclude and answer the question “can Bengal cats eat dry food?” – Yes, they can!

In fact, it is perfectly safe for your cat to eat dry food only (provided you are feeding them a nutritionally complete and balanced dry food option – check out our recommendations for the best foods for your Bengal cat for more information on this).

While most experts agree that feeding a blend of wet and dry food is better from a health and nutrition perspective, many owners prefer dry food only because it is less expensive and also less messy to deal with.

As we mentioned above, as long as you are feeding your Bengal a complete and balanced dry food, then that is totally fine.

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