Can Bengal Cats Eat Fruit?

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In today’s article, we are are continuing with that theme and looking at the following question:

‘Can Bengal cats eat fruit?’

You may have found your Bengal showing interest in fruit on your plate.

For example, you might sit down with a sliced apple and find that your Bengal wants to try a piece.

In this situation, is fruit dangerous for your Bengal?

Most Fruit Is Safe For Bengal Cats

The good news is that most fruit is safe for Bengal cats.

If your Bengal is interested in fruit on your plate or in your bowl, then chances are you can probably feed it to him/her.

And – much like humans – your Bengal will also benefit from the vitamins and minerals in many types of fruit.

In moderation, a little piece of fruit here and there could be a great, healthy treat for your Bengal.

Because there are just so many different types of fruit out there, it’s easier to look at what your Bengal cannot eat safely.

Fruits That Are Dangerous For Your Cat

While most fruits (at least in moderation) are fine for your Bengal, there are some that you need to avoid:

  • Cherries – These are toxic to cats (and dogs as well, for that matter). This is because their pits, stems and leaves contain traces of cyanide – even a relatively small quantity could be fatal to your cat.
  • Grapes & Raisins – Although the reasons aren’t 100% clear, grapes and raisins are highly toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure. Raisins are actually worse because there is less water content to dilute the “mystery” component that has the potential to cause renal failure in your cat. If you are concerned that your cat has eaten grapes or raisins, then monitor closely for signs of any illness or discomfort. If this occurs, then get down the vet ASAP.
  • Citrus Fruit – While not toxic, the acidity of citrus fruit could cause gastrointestinal upset for your Bengal AND is not good for their teeth, so avoid citrus (the chances of your cat actually wanting to eat anything with a citrus scent is low anyway, due to the sour taste)

Apart from these, most fruits should be fine enough for your Bengal cat.

However, you want to avoid feeding too much of any fruit to your Bengal, as excessive consumption could cause gastrointestinal upset, and the sugar level in fruit may not be ideal in large quantities.


Can Bengal cats eat fruit?

Ultimately, the answer to this will depend on exactly what type of fruit you are considering giving to your Bengal.

As we discussed above, most fruit should be OK, but there are some exceptions (notably cherries, grapes and raisins – which are just grapes any way).

The chances of your cat actually wanting to eat much fruit are reasonably low anyway, but at least you now have a good idea of what is safe, and what isn’t.

Make sure you check out our guide here to the best food for Bengal cats, for more information on what you should be feeding your Bengal.

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