Can Bengal Cats Eat Ice Cream?

Continuing with our series on food/drink and what is safe (or isn’t) for your pet, in today’s article we are looking at whether or not Bengal cats can eat ice cream.

While ice cream may be a popular treat for humans (and one that can be oh-so-difficult to resist) is it a safe option for your Bengal, or is it dangerous?

Can Bengal Cats Eat Ice Cream Safely?

The short answer to this question is no. As we have established in other articles on this site, dairy products are not good for Bengal cats (or any breed of cat, for that matter).

This is due to cats’ inability to correctly break down lactose.

Ice cream is packed full of lactose, and therefore not suitable for your Bengal cat.

Excessive lactose consumption probably won’t be fatal for your Bengal, but can cause stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Therefore, you should avoid feeding ice cream to your Bengal cat.

It Just Isn’t A Healthy Choice

To further compound matters, ice cream is simply not a healthy choice. Imagine for a second that your Bengal could safely consume lactose.

Would that make ice cream a healthy choice?

Absolutely not! It is still laden with excess sugar, fat, and calories.

Obesity is a critical health issue for all cats (not just Bengals) and so for this reason alone you should not feed ice cream to your Bengal cat.


Can your Bengal cat eat ice cream? The simple answer is no, they should not.

If your cat has eaten a small quantity (either inadvertently or you have deliberately given it to them and are now worried) the chances of something bad happening to your cat are low.

However, for the reasons outlined in this article it is important to try and avoid your Bengal eating ice cream.



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