Can Bengal Cats Eat Onions?

If you feed your Bengal cat recklessly without understanding what they can and cannot eat, you risk giving your pet an upset stomach or something worse. Bengal cats can’t eat all human foods like other pets. This article will discuss the dietary needs of a Bengal cat, feeding them foods that contain onions, and food products they can safely consume.

Bengal Cat Dietary Needs

Before discussing whether to feed your cat food with onions in them, it would be helpful to have a basic understanding of their needs first. Since Bengal cats descended from leopard cats, they require meat the most. Since your cat can’t go out and hunt for food, it is your responsibility to feed them with enough meat.

It would be also important to remember that Bengal cats are pure carnivores, meaning they normally don’t eat vegetables. They won’t be able to digest some kinds of vegetables even if they do eat them.

Making them consume food that contains vegetables might cause unwanted digestive issues. However, this does not mean that you should avoid feeding them vegetables entirely. Bengal cats may eat some of them, but in tiny portions to be safe.

Can Bengal Cats Eat Onions?

Common seasonings including onions can cause several problems for your cat. When a Bengal cat consumes food containing onions or raw onions, its gastrointestinal tract gets irritated. This may also lead to asthma attacks, red blood cell damage, and liver damage.

Compared to dogs, cats are two times more prone to the toxic allium compounds found in chives and onions, posing risks even with minimal consumption. It also doesn’t matter whether the onion is raw, cooked, or powdered. Whatever state the onion may be in, a Bengal cat would be unable to digest them properly.

Some pet owners feed their cats baby food meant for humans to stimulate their pet’s appetites. If you plan to feed baby food to your Bengal cat, make sure to check whether it contains onion or not to avoid health issues in the future.

Foods to Feed Your Bengal Cat Instead

Considering that onion is not the only thing that can harm your pet, it would be nice to know some human foods that a Bengal cat can safely consume to reduce the feeling of uneasiness whenever feeding your cat. Here are some specific food items that you can safely feed your cat:

* Cooked Meat – while some feed their Bengal cats raw meat, you can also give them cooked meat. Just remember to thoroughly cook them to avoid disturbing your cat’s stomach.
* Melons and Bananas – your cat can’t safely consume all fruits, but these two surely won’t cause health issues for them. Make sure to not give your Bengal cat too much to avoid diarrhea and constipation.
* Some Vegetables – some vegetables safe for cat’s consumption include spinach, pumpkin, and broccoli. These vegetables are rich in phosphorus and iron, making them good mineral sources. Just remember to feed them in tiny portions.


If you want your Bengal cat to stay healthy for a long time, you should maintain a diet rich in protein. It also essential to remember that they are born carnivores, so making meat the top priority is essential. When it comes to feeding them onions, this should be avoided at all costs because they can cause health issues such as digestive problems, asthma attacks, red blood cell damage, and liver damage.

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