Can Bengal Cats Eat Raisins?

At Authentic Bengal Cats, we are dedicated to ensuring that you know what is safe (or otherwise) for your Bengal cat to eat.

That’s why we’ve put together a series of articles on safe and dangerous foods for Bengal cats.

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Continuing with this theme, in today’s article we are looking at the following question:

“Can Bengal cats eat raisins?”

Raisins may be a tasty, nutritious treat for humans.

But what about for Bengal cats?

Let’s get the inside scoop on raisins for Bengal cats.

Are Raisins Safe For Bengal Cats?

No – under no circumstances should you feed raisins to your Bengal cat. The reason for this is that raisins are dried grapes, and grapes have been known to cause renal (kidney) failure in cats.

The exact mechanism of why grapes can cause renal failure in cats remains a bit of a scientific mystery (there is presumably some chemical or compound that can cause the problem).

However, there is no doubt that raisins are unsafe and potentially toxic and very harmful for your beloved Bengal.

In fact, raisins seem to be worse due to the fact that they contain far less water content than grapes. This has the effect of concentrating whatever compound/chemical in grapes that has the negative effects on the health of your Bengal.

Therefore, you must avoid raisins at all costs for the health of your Bengal cat!

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