Can Bengal Cats Eat Sausage?

There is something truly intoxicating about the smell and taste of sausages.

Humans of all cultures and walks of life enjoy them for breakfast, lunch and dinner – for a product that was originally designed to basically extract every last bit of edible food from meat, they sure are tasty.

But can Bengal cats eat sausage?

If you’ve ever fired up the grill and cooked some sausages, then you might have noticed your Bengal sniffing around and looking for a taste.

In this article we are going to find out.

Is Sausage Safe For Bengal Cats?

If your Bengal eats some sausage (either because you fed it to them or they managed to steal it) it isn’t the end of the world, and there are far worse things they could eat from an immediate health/danger perspective.

However, we don’t recommend that your Bengal eats sausage (except on the most infrequent of occasions and in the tiniest amounts) for the following reasons:

1. Sausages are incredibly fatty. Your Bengal isn’t built to consume as many calories as you do as a human, nor as much fat. This excess of fat will give your cat far too many calories than they need, which contributes to feline obesity – a serious health issue in cats.
2. Salt
3. Preservatives
4. Flavourings

Can Bengal Cats Eat Raw/Uncooked Sausage?

One area for further discussion is whether or not your Bengal can eat uncooked/raw sausage or sausage meat products.

Because of the way sausages are made, they pose a higher risk of containing contaminants and bacteria when uncooked that may be harmful to your cat.

As we have established in previous articles, Bengals can generally eat raw meat without too many problems.

However, we would definitely encourage you not to feed your Bengal any uncooked sausage due to the inherently less safe nature of the product.

If your cat has eaten raw sausage inadvertently (i.e. you left some out on the bench or they managed to get into the fridge) then it will probably be fine – but this is not something you should be making a habit of under any circumstance.

In conclusion, although Bengal cats can eat sausage (cooked and in small quantities) without any great negative health consequences, it really is something we advise against.

If you want to treat your Bengal to meat, then we recommend lean steak or chicken, free from preservatives, fillers and added salt.

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