Can Bengal Cats Eat Steak?

Ask any Bengal cat owner who has cooked up a steak with their pet in the vicinity, and they will probably tell you just how interested their cat was in getting a taste.

But can Bengal cats eat steak safely? Or is it bad for their health.

In this article we are going to look at whether or not steak is a good option for your Bengal cat, and what else you need to be aware of if you’re considering feeding steak to your Bengal.

Is Steak Safe For Bengal Cats?

The first question we need to answer is whether or not steak is fundamentally unsafe for Bengal cats.

If it is an unsafe food, then we would need to “avoid it like the plague”.

Luckily, steak is perfectly safe for Bengal cats.

Remember, Bengals (like all cats) are obligate carnivores. They CANNOT subsist healthily on anything other than a meat based diet.

In the wild, cats catch and eat meat. That is how they live, survive and thrive.

Steak is just a type of meat – perhaps a little bit more “premium” than freshly-caught bird or mouse or rabbit, but still meat nonetheless.

Therefore, steak is inherently safe for Bengal cats.

However, the picture is a bit more complex and we need to look at some other considerations when determining whether or not your Bengal can eat steak.

Can Bengal Cats Eat Raw Steak?

The safety of the consumption of raw meat is a relatively contentious topic.

Many cat owners (and experts) argue that raw meat is perfectly safe for cats.

Others argue that it should be avoided due to the potential for food borne illness such as salmonella or e. Coil.

You can read more on our article about whether or not Bengal cats can eat raw meat.

When it comes to raw steak, we believe that good quality, fresh raw steak is a suitable option for your cat. If you’re concerned about this, then consider speaking with your vet for an expert opinion.

Compared to other types of meat like chicken, steak is less likely to harbour bacteria and parasites, so is more likely to be safe for raw consumption.

Other Considerations

1. If you cook steak before giving it to your Bengal, be careful to allow it to cool down before eating. You don’t want your cat to burn their tongue/mouth/digestive tract on piping hot meat.
2. Be wary of feeding your Bengal steak that has been cooked with lots of oil, butter, salt or seasonings. This usually comes about when you decide to feed your Bengal human leftovers (maybe they were eyeing up your plate as you were finishing your dinner). A little bit of these ingredients on an occasional basis won’t cause much harm, but ultimately aren’t good for your cat.
3. If feeding raw steak, ensure it is fresh. Ask yourself whether or not you would cook the steak and eat it yourself – that is a decent “litmus test” for whether or not you should feed it raw to your Bengal.
4. Give your Bengal lean cuts of steak where possible. Although they may enjoy fat/gristle (and a small amount is fine) you do need to be wary of your cat consuming excess calories.

In conclusion, Bengal cats can eat steak. In fact, it is one of the better options if you want to give your cat a meaty treat.

Just be aware of the guidelines we gave (ensure it’s fresh if feeding raw, avoid added salts/oils/butter/seasonings and don’t feed it as a sole source of food) and your Bengal will love you for it.

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