Can Bengal Cats Go Outside?

Can Bengal Cats Go Outside?

Are you wondering if bengal cats can go outside?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this brief article we are going to look at the truth as to whether or not bengal cats should be allowed outside.

Are Bengal Cats Indoor Or Outdoor Cats?

If you’re thinking of owning a bengal, then you’ll want to know what sort of environment is best for them.

For example, you might live in an apartment and be wondering if a bengal needs to go outside (if this is the case, then make sure you read our guide to whether bengal cats can live in apartments).

On the other hand, you might live somewhere where it may not be suitable to have your bengal indoors for long periods of time … and if so that means you’ll need to allow your precious pet outside.

So, what is the truth?

Can Bengal Cats Go Outside Safely?

Yes, Bengal cats can go outside.

In fact, many bengal cat owners state that their pets actually prefer spending time outside as opposed to spending time inside.

This will vary from cat to cat. For example, my bengal cat (Kala) doesn’t particularly like going outside. She will generally never stray from the property boundary, and only goes outside if placed outside or if human family members go outside and she can accompany them.

However, from the research I have done, most bengal owners do seem to indicate that their cats prefer going outside and are perfectly happy to do so.

This clearly demonstrates that bengal cats can (and do) go outside and certainly can enjoy doing so.

Is It Safe For My Bengal Cat To Go Outdoors?

From what I have been able to research, bengals that are fond of the outside have a tendency to often roam relatively far.

Depending on where you live, this may pose safety considerations.

For example, if you live in the countryside or a less urban area, then it is probably safer for your bengal to go outside and roam (the biggest risks being other predatory animals).

However, in an urban area this could lead to your bengal crossing roads and entering other busy spaces where injury or death is more likely to occur.

It is probably no more or less safe for your bengal cat to go outdoors than any other breed, but due to the expensive and relatively rare nature of bengals many owners do worry about this (not to say that any cat, no matter the breed, being injured while roaming is anything less than a tragedy!)

Walking Your Bengal Cat – A Safer Alternative?

One option if you want your bengal to spend more time outdoors but you are concerned about the risks of “free range” roaming is walking your cat.

It is well known that bengals are fast learners when it comes to harness or leash walking, and take to it like ducks to water, especially if introduced to it at a young age.

Provided you are okay with the concept of walking a cat (which some people may find strange or unusual, or potentially even a little bit embarrassing!) then walking your bengal cat could be a great option to allow for more outdoors activity with less risk.

I will be publishing more content on walking a bengal cat in the near future.


Can bengal cats go outside safely – and do they enjoy doing so?

Yes! Most owners report that their beloved bengals enjoy going outside, and most are able to thrive safely and securely.

While some may prefer staying indoors (like my cat, Kala) there does seem to be a trend of bengals being avid outdoors pets.

Depending on where you live, there may be some safety concerns that you need to consider, and walking your cat outside on a leash or harness may be a better option that allows for outdoors enrichment with less risk.

However, you certainly do not need to feel bad about your cat going outdoors. In fact, you should probably be encouraging it!

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