Can Bengal Cats Open Doors?

Cats are known to be crafty, intelligent creatures – Bengal cats particularly so.

You might think that you have a room sealed off by a door, but can Bengal cats open doors?

In this short article we are going to look at whether or not Bengals are able to open doors in houses, and what this means for “cat proofing” your home.

Yes, Bengals Can Open Doors – If Conditions Allow

We have seen it first hand with our Bengal cat, Kala.

If there is any door in the house that is left slightly ajar, she will push it open – especially if she thinks there is food in there for her to get.

Of course this isn’t just restricted to hinged doors witch “catches” that are left open … she is a shocker at opening sliding doors as well, using her paw to get an initial movement on the sliding door and then basically bashing it open with her head!

Cat-Proofing Your Doors

If you’re concerned about your Bengal cat being able to open doors in your house, then it’s important to take some simple steps to reduce the risk of this happening.

Firstly, if you are using conventional hinge doors with a catch/latch on them, then make sure that you and your family shut your doors properly.

Most door opening incidents are caused by a human occupant leaving a door slightly ajar (so it is not shut on the latch/catch) and then the cat is able to bump up against the door and force it open, a bit like a gust of wind might.

If your cat is so crafty that it is able to turn a door handle – which is fairly unlikely considering that cats generally aren’t tall enough to reach the average door handle and apply sufficient pressure to it – then you might need to swap the type of handle you are using.

Lever handles are easier to turn than knob-type handles, which basically require opposable thumbs to work!

When it comes to sliding doors, it is important to ensure that these are shut fully as well (generally the door will slide into a recess that should be difficult for a cat to slide its paw past and open).

If you are still having trouble thereafter, then you need to look at sliding doors that can lock from both sides in order to prevent undesirable Bengal cat escape artistry!

Can Bengal cats open doors? Yes, if you give them enough of a chance. Therefore it’s important to take meaningful steps to “Bengal-proof” your doors and create a safe environment for your cat.

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