Can My Bengal Cat Go In The Car?

Bengal cats can be your perfect travel partners. They love exploring, so they are very likely to go in the car and enjoy the rides.

Can my Bengal cat go in the car?

Well, Yes! Why not. Unlike the other cat breeds, they don’t throw many tantrums while travelling. They are adventurous and very entertaining. But, to make them comfortable in the car, you need to train them. Also, there are certain factors that decide whether or not your Bengal kitty is fond of travelling in cars. Let’s discuss each and every point in detail :

As a responsible owner, you should know that each and every cat is different. They have their own behavioural traits and personalities just like humans. Some of them can love car rides while others might totally dislike it. So, to make them comfortable, it’s your responsibility to train them from an early age. This is because a younger pet is much easier to train than an older pet.

But the good thing with Bengal cats is that they are very trainable, even an older cat will get trained to travel in cars easily.

In the beginning, you just need to train your Bengal cat very patiently. For this, get a cat carrier according to the weight and size of your cat. Now, simply put it in the carrier and lock the car. Slowly drive the car back and forth in your neighborhood to observe your cat’s reactions.

If it feels comfortable, then congratulations. But if it gets scared or furious then don’t be disappointed. You just have to train a little longer before taking it on the first long drive.

Also, don’t forget to reward you Bengal kitty for her good response with its favorite treat. Give only when it stays calm. In this way, your cat will learn to associate the car rides with rewards.

Lastly, if your cat is ready for a long trip, take good care of it and make sure to keep in mind the following things :

* Make sure your kitty is wearing its leash because, without it, it would be more difficult to handle it.
* Always keep the carrier in the back seat to prevent it from bumps or car accidents.
* Make sure the safety belts are locked.
* If you have a dog, then consider taking him along with your Bengal. They will love each other’s company.

Reasons Why You’ll Love Going In The Car With Your Bengal

* They love exploring and hence, you can take them to your camping and hiking trips. They will not get tired and sick, unlike the other cat breeds.
* They can be easily trained for the long trips. Plus, they are very intelligent.
* They are very social. So, they can get along with your friends and other travel companions very well.
* They don’t shed much hair. So, your car will be clean, there will not be any tiny hair.
* They love water. So, taking them to your water sport events will not be a problem.

That’s about it! If trained well, your Bengal cat can be your perfect travel buddy.

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