Can My Bengal Cat Live Inside?

If you’re thinking of buying a bengal cat but you live in a property/environment that doesn’t offer much opportunity for outdoors activity, then you may be wondering ‘can my bengal cat live inside?’

In this article we are going to look at the truth about letting your bengal live primarily indoors.

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Let’s get suck in and take a look about indoor living for your bengal.

The Truth About Indoor Living

There is no hard and fast rule that says bengal cats cannot live inside. Much with basically any other breed of cat, they can live long and happy lives as indoor only pets.

Many bengal owners live in apartments, townhouses, or other environments where there is little or no opportunity for their pet to go outside.

The vast majority of bengals in these indoor-only environments thrive.

Clearly, your bengal cat can live inside and have a rich and enjoyable life doing so!

However, it is important to understand that bengals seem to prefer being outside (or at least having the opportunity to explore outside when they desire).

Therefore, having an indoor only living situation for your bengal does pose some challenges.

Owners of indoor only cats seem to report higher instances of frustrated bengals damaging furniture, soft furnishings, carpets etc. This is probably due to frustration and boredom.

Bengal cats are intelligent animals, and intelligent animals (feline or not) have a tendency to exhibit naughty behaviour when they aren’t given sufficient stimulation and entertainment.

If you’re going to keep your bengal cat inside all of the time, then it is vitally important that you provide an environment where there are lots of toys and ‘distractions’ to keep your bengal entertained.

I will publish more content in the near future on the best toys for bengal cats, but as a starting point you should be ensuring that your indoor bengal is given lots of opportunity for play.

Walking Your Bengal

One way to give your bengal some “outdoors time” is to talk him/her walking.

Bengal cats respond well (especially when introduced at a young age) to leash and harness walking.

This can be a great way to get your bengal cat outside and enjoying some of the benefits of doing so, but with less risk if you are worried about your beloved pet running away, getting lost, or getting hurt.

If you are going to have an indoor only bengal cat, I would strongly suggest you consider the possibility of walking your bengal on a regular basis to ensure it gets some time outside.

Conclusion – “Can My Bengal Cat Live Inside?”

If you are wondering if your Bengal cat can live inside – the simple answer is yes!

While it is probably better for your bengal to be able to spend time outdoors (and many bengals do seem to prefer being outdoors as well, which is worth considering) if you provide a suitable, enriching indoor environment for your bengal, then indoor living is going to be more than ok.

The biggest risk in indoor living for your bengal is if they are not given a good environment with lots of opportunities for play, as well as ‘safe spaces’ that they can occupy when needed.

It’s not so much about the size of the space, but more about the nature of the space. In fact, your bengal will be happier in a smaller indoor space with lots of toys and entertainment, versus a larger indoor space with nothing to do.

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