Can Two Bengal Cats Share The Same Litter Box?

An interesting question floated across our ‘digital desk’ the other day:

“Can two Bengal cats share the same litter box?”

This questions was asked by an owner who already has one Bengal cat, but is thinking about bringing another into their household.

We thought it was quite an interesting topic, as there are a number of people out there who own more than one Bengal cat.

So, can two (or more) Bengals share the same litter tray/box?

After all, multiple humans can share one bathroom, so surely Bengal cats can do the same, right?

Let’s find out!

Cats Shouldn’t Share Litter Boxes

Cats are territorial animals, and sharing something as “private” as a litter box could cause quite a bit of stress for your cats.

Professionals (vets, animal behaviourists etc) all recommend that each cat have his/her own litter box.

In fact, there is a ‘golden rule’ that many ascribe to:

The number of litter boxes in your home should equal the number of cats in your home plus one.

Following that logic, if you have two Bengal cats, you should actually have three litter boxes.

We are certainly in favour of ensuring that each Bengal in your house has his/her own litter box, and that they do not have to share.

This will cause a lot of stress and anxiety for your Bengals.


Can two Bengal cats share the same litter box?

It might technically be possible, but it’s very much ill-advised.

Due to the territorial nature of cats, it’s critical that they each have their own litter box.

Instead, you should ensure that your cats all have their own litter box. In fact, it’s better to have more than one litter box per cat (especially because Bengals are particularly fussy about their litter).

Check out our guide here to the best litter boxes for Bengal cats, and also the best litter for your Bengal. It’s important to get both right, as this has a big impact on your Bengals’ lives.

Basically, litter boxes are an area you don’t want to “skimp” on if you want your Bengal cats to be as happy and as healthy as possible.

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