Cat Language Bible Review

What is the hardest thing about having a cat (Bengal or any other breed) in your household?

Communication is the answer … as it’s always challenging communicating with and understanding a family member who doesn’t speak the same language that you do.

Unless you are a modern day Dr Doolittle, it’s extremely hard to always have a handle on what your cat – or any pet for that matter – is trying to say!

In this Cat Language Bible review you’re going to discover a guide that will help you overcome one of the biggest challenges of cat ownership.

There are many potential answers, but we reckon that the most challenging aspect of cat ownership is communication.

Much like any human-to-human relationship, the secret to an effective one with your is all in the communication.

If you can understand what your cat is saying to you, then it becomes much easier to attend to his/her needs, and you are far less likely to have any behavioral issues.

But how can you communicate with a cat? After all, cats speak – well – cat – and humans speak a variety of languages? If only there was a way to interpret what your cat is trying to tell you through his/her actions, body language, and vocalizations, and then use this information to improve your relationship with your cat.

The good news is that this is possible – at least in part.

While you will never become Dr Doolittle, the truth is that there is a great deal you can do in order to enhance your communication with your Bengal cat – or cat of any other breed.

However, this skill can take a long time to learn; if only there was a guide that can show you how to achieve success in “cat communication” as quickly and effectively as possible …

… Introducing Cat Language Bible

As you might have guessed from the title of this webpage, we are reviewing Cat Language Bible by Jonas Jurgella.

In this review, we are going to look at the key facts, pros, and cons of this product and help you to decide if it is the right solution for your needs.

If you have ever desired a better ability to communicate with your Bengal (or any other cat for those who have found this review via Google or other search engines) then keep reading, as this product may be very interesting and appealing to you.

What Is Cat Language Bible? What Will You Learn?

Cat Language Bible is a digital information product, designed to help you learn how to “speak cat” (to put it bluntly).

When you purchase this product, you will receive access to a detailed report via digital download that walks you through everything you need to know and understand in order to be able to better communicate with your cat.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • How Japanese researchers discovered via scientific analysis the extent to which cats can understand humans, not just by voice tone but by words, commands and more – and how you can leverage this to improve your communication and relationship with your cat.
  • Strategies and techniques to work up to having basic “conversations” with your cat; these won’t be full exchanges like you would have with a fellow human being, but will still enable you to move closer to your beloved pet.
  • What your cat is trying to tell you through his/her body language, vocalizations and behavior – and how to best respond to this to get the outcome you desire.
  • Plus a whole lot more about how to effectively understand and communicate with your pet.

Because the product is a digital download, you can take it with you anywhere on your device of choice and consume its contained information at your own leisure.

We reckon that for the 21st Century cat owner, this is a better option than a printed book – and better for the environment too!

cat language bible book

Who Cat Language Bible For?

In our view, this product is perfect for anyone who:

  • Craves a better understanding of what their cat is trying to tell them.
  • Wishes to understand, influence and control (to the extent that it is possible) their cat’s behavior. For example, if you notice your cat being aggressive, then this guide will help you to understand why that is happening and how to resolve it. If you are struggling with any kind of antisocial or undesirable behavior from your cat, then this guide needs to be on your hard drive right now.
  • Wants to be able to develop a stronger, more loving bond with their cat.

Is Cat Language Bible Any Good For Bengal Cats?

First and foremost, this website is about Bengal cat ownership (and the many challenges that can come with Bengals).

Cat Language Bible is great for all breeds of cats I would imagine, but is also useful for dealing with Bengal cats and their various “proclivities”.

So no problems here if you want to look at it as a potential solution for your Bengal’s challenging behaviour issues.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cat Language Bible is listed for sale for $69.99 USD. I appreciate that is a lot of money in these troubling economic times.

However,  as this is a digital information product it is generally available at a competitive discount, and the truth is that the regular price is probably only there to make the special (real normal) price appear more appealing. I don’t personally love that pricing strategy, but it seems to be a common tactic online.

At the moment you can get your own copy here for $27 USD, which we believe represents excellent value for money at that “actual” price.

Payment and delivery is handled by Clickbank, which is a popular digital information product platform offering secure payment processing and product delivery. Clickbank has been around for donkey’s years now, and provides a simple, streamlined and secure payment process that offers you instant access to the product which you can then read on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

You can pay with Paypal and all major credit cards, and another advantage is that you also get a 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days after purchase.

What Is Included?

This product also comes bundled with some additional bonuses, which add extra value to the product.

In particular, you will receive four bonuses if you purchase, three of which are additional eBooks/reports:

  • The Cat Care Guide – a guide to better providing for the emotional, mental and physiological needs of your cat.
  • Training Your Cat – a guide to raising and training a well-disciplined cat that is obedient to your commands.
  • A-Z Of Feline Nutrition – information on what to feed your cat for optimal health and longevity

You will also receive free product updates for life, which is a handy bonus in case there are any updates/upgrades.

While none of these bonuses are a game changer in and of themselves, they are certainly handy to have access to and definitely add additional value to the product.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth, as the saying goes … especially when it comes to looking after your Bengal cat.

Is Cat Language Bible Worth The Money?

Here is the question that counts – is Cat Language Bible worth the investment?

In our opinion, yes it is.

Now don’t think for a second that it is a totally perfect product. Let’s look at some of the downsides before we cover the positive:

As with most “non fiction” tutorial-type products, there is fluff and filler in the report that is put in there to try and make you feel like you are getting more than you are paying for; if anything, this just detracts from the ‘gold’ that is in there as you have to read around it.

Furthermore, we don’t like the ‘over-inflated’ regular price of the product that is then slashed drastically to give the illusion of value; the real price is probably just $27, as we mentioned above.

Finally, it’s important to consider that this product isn’t some magical guide to being able to telepathically, perfectly communicate with your cat. Truth be told there is an element of exaggeration to the claims on the sales page for this product; a bit of “marketing magic” so to speak.

However, what you will learn is exactly how to better understand what your cat is trying to tell you through his/her behavior, noises and actions, as well as how to reciprocate so that they can better interpret your requests and communication.

As we mentioned earlier, you won’t become Dr Doolittle but you WILL learn effective strategies to make you a much better communicator with your cat.

Provided you have the discipline to implement the teachings in this guide, then you will find it effective and the product is certainly worth the price of admission.

Cat Language Bible Review Conclusion

If you are looking for simple, effective, affordable guide to communicating better with your cat, then Cat Language Bible is well worth the investment.

At only $27 (ignore the “listed” price – this is one of those digital products that will almost always be on sale) it is somewhat of a bargain in our view. This is especially so when you factor in the included bonuses and fact that you are covered by a solid 60 day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

Think about the time you have probably spent so far trying to ‘work out’ your cat. Even at a modest hourly rate, you will surely have spent far more than the asking price of this excellent guide. By understanding and better communicating with your Bengal cat, you will have a more enjoyable experience and a better bond with your beloved family member. It would also take you countless hours to try and research and find this level of information yourself; instead you get access to everything you need in one package.

Now don’t go thinking that Cat Language Bible will allow you to completely understand and control every element of communication and interaction with your cat – it just doesn’t work like that.

However, if you would like to develop a closer bond and understanding with your cat and definitely improve your relationship (whatever that means to you) then we strongly recommend the Cat Language Bible.

Click here to purchase your own copy.


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