Are Bengal Cats Small?

It might be one of those “how long is a piece of string” questions, but we frequently get asked ‘are Bengal cats small?’ There are generally two reasons this question is asked: 1. A prospective Bengal cat owner doesn’t want too big of a cat in their house (perhaps due to space restrictions, e.g. you … Read more

What Is The Average Weight Of A Bengal Cat (Versus Other Breeds)?

average weight of a bengal cat thumbnail

Bengal Cats are delightfully energetic feline family members that can find themselves getting into lots of trouble if they are not kept in an enriched environment. Many people keeping these cats wonder how big they will tend to get when they are purchased as kittens. In this article we look at the average weight of … Read more

When Do Bengal Cats Stop Growing?

Bengal Cats are rapidly increasing in popularity since they came on the domesticated cat scene in the 1970s. These friendly felines are popular not just because they look unique — most look very similar to their Asian Leopard Cat kin (learn more here about the history of Bengal cats) — but because they have a … Read more

What Do Bengal Cats Look Like?

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Bengal cats make excellent pets and are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re new to the breed, you are probably wondering about some of their features and traits, and might be wondering “what do Bengal cats look like?” The good news is that Bengals come in a range of colors, but they share some common features. … Read more