Do Bengal Cats Roar?

Do bengal cats roar?.

The short answer is, No! Unlike the popular belief, Bengal cats do not roar like the Asian Bengal leopards do. In reality, they have other forms of communication which they use to express their feelings. Bengal cats are a cross between the domestic and Asian Leopard cats. This is the reason behind their similar appearance. … Read more

Do Bengal Cats Feel The Cold?

Do bengal cats feel the cold?.

Here at Authentic Bengal Cats, our mission is to answer all of your Bengal cat questions. Although most of our article topics come from suggestions that readers have made (you can email us any time on to make your own suggestion(s) or ask us any questions) we also trawl the Internet to find questions … Read more

Can Bengal Cats Be Black?

Can bengali cats be black?.

In today’s article we are going to look at the question ‘can Bengal cats be black?’ Since their inception (read our guide here to the history of Bengal cats) Bengals have fascinated people the world over with their striking appearance and stunning good looks. Most of us are probably familiar with the “common” Bengal cat … Read more