Do Bengal Cats Attach To One Person?

In this article we are going to answer a popular question that many prospective Bengal owners have.

That is “do Bengal cats attach to one person?”

A common reason that people want to know about this is they are considering bringing a cat into their home and worried about having a cat that might only bond with one family member to the exclusion of all other family members.

So, what is the truth?

Let’s find out!

Do Bengal Cats Attach To One Person Or Multiple People?

Generally, Bengal cats are known to attach to one person in particular within a household or family.

Certainly this was our experience with our Bengal cat, Kala, who is much friendlier with one particular person in the house (who shall remain unnamed for privacy reasons).

What you will probably find is that over time, your Bengal cat comes to prefer associating and spending time with one particular member of the household/family.

They will usually be particularly affectionate to this particular person, and seek out their company and love on a regular basis.

Now, it’s important to clarify that this DOES NOT mean your Bengal will be unfriendly to other people in your household.

Bengals are generally known to be friendly, affectionate cats. It’s just that they also have a tendency to bond more strongly with one particular person in the family/household.

The good news is that there are also steps you can take to help your Bengal bond better with other members of the family who aren’t in that “privileged” position:

Ways To Bond With Your Bengal Cat

If you want to encourage your Bengal cat to bond with other members of your family, then here are some strategies you can deploy:

  • Food – Make sure that other people who are looking to enjoy a better bond with the Bengal are seen to give him/her food and treats on a regular basis. This will help to create a positive association in the mind of your cat with other members of the household or family.
  • Toys/play – Another great way to encourage better bonding between your Bengal and other people in the house is to encourage more “play time”. Get some new toys for your Bengal (check out our guide here to the best toys for Bengal cats) and then get your family members to work playing with your cat. Once again, this will promote better bonding.
  • Quality time – Don’t forget to encourage your family to spend quality time with your Bengal. Even something as simple as sitting together on the couch watching TV can help your cat to bond better with other members of the family and foster a closer connection.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get your Bengal to show equal attention/affection to everyone in the house, the steps above will help to improve the situation!


As you can see, Bengal cats do have a tendency to be more attached to one person.

This is likely (but not always) going to be the person with whom they spend the most time.

However, this does not mean that your Bengal cat will ignore/exclude/be hostile towards others. It just means that there is likely to be one person in your household with whom your Bengal develops a particularly strong bond.
To be honest, this is not uncommon behaviour for cats.

Cats will tend to have a “favorite” person (often whoever feeds them/plays with them/gives them the most attention).

it’s probably not possible to find a cat that spreads its attention evenly across all the humans in the household.

Provided you’re ok with this, then you shouldn’t have any problems with bringing a Bengal cat into your home – there is going to be plenty of love and fun to go around!

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