Do Bengal Cats Bite?

The Bengal cat is a beautiful hybrid feline breed, born from the cross between a domestic cat and a leopard cat. However, the character of the Bengal cat is very affectionate as it is turbulent. In short, it is a bit like keeping a little leopard at home, so don’t get too angry about his or her pranks.

Do Bengal cats bite?

The short answer is yes. Bengal cats may show signs of the Petting and Biting Syndrome. For instance, you might be petting your Bengal cat and receive a bite for apparently no reason.

To be more precise, this breed became meeker as breeders kept selecting new traits. But, it is a lively and full of temperament breed by virtue of its hereditary genetics.

A Bengal cat is considered a true domestic cat only from the fourth generation onwards. Commonly, owners can register a Bengal cat to the exhibitions only after the fourth generation.

Indeed, the Bengal cat is a very particular pet. This breed is intelligent and learns very easily. For this reason, the cat needs a lot of attention to channel his or her endless energy.

Why do Bengal cats bite?

Sometimes, Bengal cats bite as a defense mechanism. Other times, it is a sign of aggression. Just like its ancestors, the Bengal cat has a strong instinct that leads the cat to hunt and kill his/her prey. Thus, it is an innate instinct that pushes the Bengal cat to bite and scratch.

If your Bengal cat bites, there may be another reason. In fact, Bengal cats are also extremely territorial. As can be seen, they hunt any cat that comes close to their territory. In essence, they attack anything that tries to invade their territory. This behavior works well in the jungle but causes big problems in residential areas.

Generally, before biting, the cat sends some warning signs. These signs may include a staring glare or the shaking of the tail nervously. One should not wait for these signals to go on for long. As soon as the owner noticed one, it is advisable to leave the cat alone or to let it go if you were petting it.

What to do if your Bengal cat bites you?

If the Bengal cat bites you, it is better to avoid any kind of punishment. A punitive reaction would only increase the diffidence towards the owner. Therefore, the cat would become less available and sociable.

Ordinarily, the Bengal cat automatically bites stronger if the prey moves in its mouth. Thus, you should not pull your hand away while the cat bites into it. It would only cause you greater pain. Instead, stay relaxed. As soon as the cat loosens its hold, move it away from its mouth.

By the same token, it is important to create positive habits. Moreover, your Bengal cat should always associate your touch with a positive sensation. To do this, keep a toy at your disposal to distract your cat during the training phase. Meanwhile, briefly pet your cat when you give him or her food. In this way, you will induce the cat to trust your touch a few seconds at a time.

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