Do Bengal Cats Do Better In Pairs?

Bengal cats make the most adorable pets. However, most of the people believe that cats are solitary animals and they always like to live alone. Due to this misconception, a majority of owners keep their cats separate from other animals which is not the right practice.

So, the answer to do Bengal cats do better in pairs is, YES!!

As a responsible pet owner, you should know that the Bengal cats do much better when they are kept with their buddies. Contrary to popular belief, cats are actually social. They totally love being in pairs. Don’t believe us? Here are the reasons that show why having two Bengal cats is better than one.

Two Bengal Cats Keep Each Other Entertained

Boredom is the biggest problem loner cats suffer. We usually leave our pets alone at home for hours because of work. So, a single cat is likely to become bored which can have some serious effects on her behaviour and even health. For instance, your lovely cat may become obese, depressed and aggressive. In such situations, be ready to face his/her wrath after getting back home from work. If you’re noticing these changes, it is the high time to introduce your cat to a new buddy.

When they live with their friends, they don’t get bored. They keep each other entertained by playing, cuddling and teasing.

They Develop And Learn Together

Another major advantage of keeping Bengal cats in pairs is, they grow and develop together in a far better way. They share life lessons with each other and grow into mature and loving pets.

Basically, cats are like little volcanoes of energy. They love playing all day and it is very good for their growth. This also helps them to learn important lessons such as using the litter box, eating and posture habits etc. Note that cats learn by observing. So, when you have two cats, they will learn a lot from each other.

Adopt 1 Get 1 Free

A majority of overcrowded cat shelters run the scheme “adopt one cat and get another one home for free”. Another reason behind this offer is to attract more pet lovers to adopt the less adoptable pet from their lot.

If you get such an opportunity, never ever lose it. It is a great way to gift a friend to your kitty.

Two Bengal Cats Keep Each Other Fit And Healthy

Obesity is the biggest concern that bothers almost every cat owner. In fact, abnormal weight gain has some serious effects on the health of cats. The most common side-effects of feline obesity is diabetes and osteoarthritis. Hence, this condition should never be ignored and taken into account immediately.

The main reason behind obesity is the loneliness and boredom. When the Bengal cats are left alone for hours, they become bored and to cope up the boredom they eat a lot which leads to weight gain. Further, loneliness also kills their desire to play and stay active.

Two cats keep each other active and engaged. They barely sit and relax when they live with their buddies. Hence, will not get obese and stay fit and healthy.

Reduce Your Stress

Last but most important, you can live a stress-free life knowing that your cats are happy with each other when you’re not home.

Generally, what happens is when we go to work leaving behind our lovely kitty back, we constantly get worried about him/her. This problem will get solved when you have two of them. Thus, both the owner and the cats will live a stress-free and fun-filled life!!

So, these were the obvious reasons why Bengal cats do better in pairs. As a bonus, here are some points you should keep in mind while adopting a pair of cats :

  • Always get the kitties from the same place. The reason behind this is, they are more familiar with each other and hence will settle much easily.
  • Get the similarly aged kittens because their energy level and behaviour will be the same and will help them bond stronger.

That’s all about it!

Having a pair of Bengal cats will not only help them to grow better, but will also fill your life with fun and happiness. You and your cats will be much happier than ever!

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  1. We have 2 Bengal kittens, brother and sister. They are absolutely the best kittens ever. They do have spats… but all kitten siblings do! They are very loving. Our little girl is attached to my husband and our little boy is attached to me. Our breeder suggested that we keep our sibling Bengal kitties apart for 3 days after bringing them home. I do not see this anywhere in looking up how to bring these beautiful babies into your home. We kept them apart for the first 3 days. They cried. She said it would be hell for 3 days, but after we would have a far more wonderful Relationship with them. We do! Our relationship with our beautiful babies is amazing. I don’t see this suggestion anywhere on the web.


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