Do Bengal Cats Get On Well With Children?

In this article, we look at the playful and somewhat wild character of the Bengal cat

If you are thinking of taking a Bengal cat with you and you have children, you are probably wondering how do Bengal cats get on with children and if it is appropriate to let him or her socialize with the little ones. Well, we have the answer for you here.

Let’s tackle each point:

* The outward appearance
* Personality
* Peculiarities

External appearance and true nature

Don’t be fooled by the name. Yes, the Bengal cat is a descendant of the Asian Leopard Cat, but its most wild traits are limited to the external appearance. This breed belongs to simply domesticated cats with splendid and particular fur. Once you have introduced the cat in the right way to the rest of the family, you will be surprised how much your children will love the new member of the family.

The Bengal cat’s personality traits

One of the main reasons why Bengal cats get along well with the children is because they share a similar personality: they love to play. The Bengal cat is an extremely curious and excellent observer. And since children like all sorts of games, it is only natural that this cat is attracted to it, because playing keeps the cat’s mind active and prevents him or her from sinking into the slough of boredom.

Here are some examples. You will see the Bengal cat playing with water, climbing, and vocalizing more than other cats. But the cat will not be less affectionate. The fact that this breed is particularly outgoing and eager to socialize makes spending time with them fantastic. This cat breed needs a lot of attention and suffers if the cat feels too lonely. Both humans and other pets, including dogs, are sure to enjoy his or her company.

Is the Bengal cat similar to a dog?

Rumors says that breeders have created the Bengal cat to give man the thrill of stroking a tiger. Or to be more precise, a leopard in this case. However, for some, the Bengal cat is almost a dog from how this cat acts and behaves. Considering the playfulness, how the cat is always on the move, and curiously fond of water, many think of this breed as a different type of cat.

Of course, parents need to educate their children to relate to any cat. Bengal cats love to run, jump on trees and hunt small animals in the backyard, in case you have one. A feline who is a friend of man, but also unpredictable, hyperactive and a lover of outdoor spaces, needs understanding. With some owners, they can become clingy. They follow the owner to the point that experts recommend them for pet therapy.

Children’s interaction with cats needs supervision during their first playtimes and activities. Lastly, the Bengal cat is not jealous of babies and will welcome new members of the family shyly at first. They feed on the owner’s temperament and attitudes while building a new relationship with the baby. They are very intelligent cats and excellent pets.

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