Do Bengal Cats Hiss?

Bengal cats are simply too adorable. I have a couple of them at my home. The more I get to know them, the fonder of them I become. When you observe them carefully, you will realize that they do make certain sounds. To ensure that these sounds are not indicative of a problem, you need to learn more about their behavior.

One of the most pertinent questions that Bengal cat owners have is, do Bengal cats hiss? I too had this question at one time. Through careful observation and research, I found the answer to this question. I will go into the details of the same below to inform you about the same.

Do Bengal cats hiss?

Yes, Bengal cats do hiss. This behavior is similar in almost all types of cats. It is one of the main vocal characteristics. At first, it might startle you, but it is a pretty frequent behavior in Bengal cats. Bengal cats start hissing at a younger age. Right after, the cat learns how to walk; the hissing starts as well.

You might be thinking, why do Bengal cats hiss?

I will answer that below along with probable causes.

Why do Bengal cats hiss?

There are a few situations and reasons that make a Bengal cat hiss. I will cover all of these below so that you can identify the cause of hissing.

1. Defense:

It is common for Bengal cats to hiss in defense. It is also a precursor to aggression. If the Bengal cat makes a hissing sound in the presence of another cat, it might be the right time to separate them. Agitation is another reason that leads to the hissing of a Bengal cat. Before attacking the other cat or taking any step in self-defense, a Bengal cat makes a hissing sound. Sometimes, when self-defense is the cause, your cat will take an aggressive posture while or just before hissing.

2. Territory Protection:

The hissing of Bengal cats is common is you have two or more cats at your home. In this case, hissing is likely due to territory defense. Similar to various other animals, Bengal cats also have territorial behavior. When another cat or pet intrudes into the territory of your Bengal cat, your cat will hiss. It is a warning to the intruder to back off. It is easy to detect this reason because the cat faces the intruder while hissing.

3. Ailment or pain:

The Bengal cat’s hissing is not always associated with aggression. In some cases, it might indicate that the cat is in pain or suffering from any disorder. In that case, he/she will often hiss when you pick him/her up.

4. Uncomfortable:

Bengal cats also get uncomfortable when they have trust issues. If the cat is new to your home, it might hiss regularly. It indicates that it is under stress or does not want to be held by you. The regular hissing of the Bengal cat is often an indication that it is uncomfortable or under stress.

If this is the cause, the hissing will subside with time. As your Bengal cat becomes more and more comfortable with you and your home, the hissing will subside. You need to be patient in that case.

These are the four most common causes of hissing among Bengal cats.

Conclusion – Do Bengal Cats Hiss?

So, yes, Bengal cats do hiss. In fact, hissing, when accompanied by various actions, can help you diagnose the underlying cause as well. Using our guide above, you can quickly identify the cause and take corrective steps accordingly. However, you must keep in mind that hissing is pretty common for Bengal cats. The next time it happens, do not get startled.

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