Do Bengal Cats Like Cold Weather?

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In today’s article, we are answering the following question:

“Do Bengal cats like cold weather?”

We recently looked at whether or not Bengal cats like hot weather (you can check out our article on that here) but what about the cold?

You may think you already know the answer to this (based on the behaviour of your cat) but what is the actual truth about the temperature preferences of Bengal cats?

Let’s find out!

Bengal Cats Prefer Warmer Weather

The truth is that Bengal cats tend to prefer warmer weather.

If you’ve spent any time observing your Bengal cat (or any cat, for that matter) then that observation will probably bear this old.

What are the chances your cat goes to seek out a cold spot in the house? Next to nothing!

Even on a boiling hot day, your cat isn’t looking to chill itself too much.

But what about your cat going to find a warm spot? For example, when sunshine rays come through a crack in the curtains.

In that circumstance, you can be certain your cat will be seeking out all the heat it can find.

Cats prefer warmer temperatures because it helps them to conserve energy that is necessary (in the wild at least) for hunting and keeping themselves safe from predators.

When the mercury drops, your cat has to use more of their energy to stay warm.

When it’s warmer in temperature (within reason) your cat is more easily able to preserve his/her energy levels.

From an evolutionary and biological standpoint, this helps to explain why cats prefer to seek out warmer weather versus cold weather.

Your Bengal prefers to be in warmer temperatures because it helps him/her to conserve energy and be prepared for all the rigours of the wild!

If your cat is able to preserve energy, then this is clearly beneficial from an evolutionary and survival perspective./

Bengal Cats Can Adapt To The Cold – But Aren’t Made For It

This doesn’t mean that your Bengal cat can’t cope with colder temperatures.

Their coat will do a decent job at keeping them warm and protected from the cold (unless the temperature drops too much)

Cats are also good at seeking out shelter from the cold – whether that is inside or outside. Your cat will instinctively know how to keep him/herself warm (unless in a situation where it just isn’t possible to do so).

However, Bengal cats are not made to spend lots of time outside in the snow or freezing temperatures, which could result in hypothermia or frostbite.

Their coats aren’t sufficiently well-adapted to the cold for this.


Do Bengal cats like cold weather?

Basically, they don’t.

Cats generally aren’t that fond of cold weather. They prefer the warmth/heat. This is why you will probably see your cat searching out the sunny spots in your home or outside, or snuggling up to something (possibly you!) for warmth.

While Bengal cats can be remarkably hardy with colder weather, there is little doubt that they prefer warmer temperatures.

However, it’s not because your cat is lazy and just wants to snooze in the sun all day – there is a valid biological and evolutionary reason for your cat preferring warmer weather. It’s all about preserving and conserving energy.

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