Do Bengal Cats Like Hot Weather?

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In today’s article, we are looking at the following question:

“Do Bengal cats like hot weather?”

There is a popular belief/myth that due to their exotic lineage (read our guide to the history of Bengal cats here) that Bengals must love hot weather.

But is this true, or is this just fantasy? Do Bengal cats really like it when the mercury starts to climb? Or is that a complete misconception.

Let’s find out!

Bengals Aren’t That Different To “Normal” Cats

The first thing to note is that Bengals aren’t massively different to normal cats. As we mentioned above, there does seem to be a bit of a misconception that Bengal cats are some totally exotic creature that is designed to live in a boiling, humid, jungle.

While Bengals might prefer the heat more to breeds of cat that developed in colder climates (e.g. the Norwegian Forest Cat) Bengals aren’t some kind of mythical beast that loves to roast itself alive.

Fundamentally, Bengals are fairly similar to most domestic cats in terms of their temperature preferences.

That being said …

Bengal Cats Do Generally Prefer Warmer Weather

That being said, cats generally do seem to prefer warmer weather to colder temperatures.

The reason for this is actually rather interesting!

Your cat wants to conserve his or her energy and recover faster from any exertion (e.g. hunting or playing).

If your cat is in a hot environment (and provided not too hot) then he/she doesn’t need to exert so much energy to stay warm and regulate body temperature.

This is why cats will often seek out sunbeams that come in through windows, for example.

Basically, because the sun and heat warms up your cat, he/she expends less metabolic energy on maintaining the right internal body temperature. How clever is that?

Do Bengal cats like hot weather? Provided it isn’t too hot, then there is a clear reason to suspect they do!

Keeping Your Cat Cool

Although we’ve established that Bengal cats generally prefer warmer weather (as do many cats) it’s also important that you take steps to ensure your cat is able to keep cool if the mercury gets too high.

Generally, your cat will be more than capable of finding ways to regulate his/her temperature. On a hot day, your cat will probably seek a shaded area to sit and sleep.

In fact, you will probably notice your Bengal cat sleeping more than usual when the weather gets hotter.

Cats are clever enough to know that exertion during the hotter parts of the day is going to consume energy faster than if they sleep and then become active when the temperature drops.

If you are really concerned about your Bengal cat overheating, then you might want to look at some options like:

  • Leaving the air conditioning on during the day when you are out
  • Investing in a cooling pad
  • Ensure your cat always has access to fresh drinking water (this is the most important point by far)

The biggest “heat risk” is that your cat somehow gets trapped in a location with a high temperature and no ability for you cat to escape or seek shade/cool (the classic example is a cat becoming stuck in a car on a hot day).

Provided you can avoid this, then your Bengal cat will be well equipped to deal with hot weather and climbing temperatures!


Do Bengal cats like hot weather?

They probably do quite like it, but it all depends on how hot.

Excessive heat might be problematic, but your cat will generally prefer a nice warm day to a cold one.

Just ensure that your cat has access to cool, shaded areas for sleeping (as discussed above, cats generally sleep a lot more when the weather is hot, in order to stay cool and preserve energy).

Most importantly, you must ensure your Bengal cat always has access to drinking water, as this is critical for maintaining a healthy temperature and minimising the risk of dehydration. If you take only one point away from this article, we hope it is that one.

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