Do Bengal Cats Like To Swim?

If you’ve ever had a cat in the past, then you know that most cats really don’t like water, and they generally like to avoid water, just about at any cost.

If you don’t believe me just jump on YouTube and look at videos of what happens when a cat falls in the water – it’s not exactly a pretty sight!

If you’ve ever tried giving a cat a bath, for example, you best invest in some pretty sturdy protective gear because otherwise you’re going to wind up scratched to pieces.

But what about Bengal cats? So many Bengal cat owners report that they have a strange fascination with water, especially compared to most other domesticated cat breeds.

So does this make them different from other cats? What is it about Bengal cats that seems to make them like water, and do they actually like to swim>

In this article what we’re going to do is take a look at whether or not Bengal cats like to swim. So before determining if a Bengal cat likes to swim or not, we have to ask the question of whether or not they are afraid of water; if they’re afraid of water, chances are they’re probably not going to swim.

Now when it comes to any cat, whether it’s a Bengal cat (or any breed for that matter) there are always outliers; there will always be, the regular domestic cat that decides it likes to go swimming, and there will always be cats that do prefer water.

But on a whole if we look at Bengal cats as a breed, they aren’t really afraid of water like other cats are.

You will probably have noticed your Bengal cat, for example, pawing water. There’s an article on this website about that very topic and why they do it, which you can read here.

Now that’s something that most cats don’t do so it’s fair to say that Bengal cats simply aren’t afraid of water like most other cat breeds.

Some owners report their cats jumping in the bath, getting in the shower. jumping in the swimming pool, all sorts of things like that, which is quite interesting and unique behavior for cats.

Bengal cats, as I said, do seem to have an extreme fascination with getting in the water, they just aren’t scared of it like other cats are. And so, one piece of advice, really is to make sure that if you do have water in your house, whether it’s a pole or something like that. You want to have. So that your cat can get out. If you’ve ever played the Sims, you always had to make sure that your sim was able to get out of the pool. Same with Bengal cats they need to be able to get out of the boat. If you have a toilet in your house, make sure that you leave the lid down because cats shouldn’t be drinking toilet water in case it contains bleach. So we’ve determined that Bengal cats like to like water, but do they like to swim.

Well, that is, how long is a piece of string question, not all Bengal cats like to swim but on a whole, it seems that Bengal cats do know how to swim and they do seem to like it. Those that will swim seemed very much enjoy it, which is very rare for domesticated cats.

They will get in small tubs of water, larger bodies of water like pools, ponds, those kinds of things and be very adept at swimming.

There are even videos online of Bengal cat swimming in the ocean, which is rather impressive. So, not only are Bengal cats curious and interested about water – they also like to swim in it, at least a lot of them do.

Let us know in the comments below if your Bengal likes to swim, and thank you very much for reading.

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