Do Bengal Cats Like Water?

It’s common knowledge that most cats don’t like water. There’s nothing common about Bengal Cats though, so you have to wonder if they might enjoy making a little splash in water. These awesome cats are bred from domesticated cats that have been bred to Asian Leopard Cats, a wild cat that is known to spend a lot of time in water.

So, Do Bengal Cats Like Water?

Many Bengal Cats seem to enjoy playing in water, especially when they are younger. It tends to be a common trait amongst Bengals, which may surprise new Bengal Cat owners. It is believed that Bengal Cats are so partial to water because of the Asian Leopard Cat ancestry that they share. Asian Leopard Cats are known for swimming and sticking their paws in water sources. These wild cats tend to swish their paws in water to clear away any debris before they take a drink.

It is important to make sure that your Bengal Cat has plenty of access to fresh water. You will want to be careful because these kitties are clever. If they want running water, they might learn to cut the faucet on themselves by watching you do it. While you might think that your Bengal kitty’s interest in water will extend to him wanting to swim in the pool, keep in mind that their interest in water may be purely related to swishing water around in a bowl or batting at a stream of water coming from the faucet.

Not all Bengal Cats enjoy water, but many of them are still curious enough about water to potentially hop into the shower with you while you are enjoying a few minutes to yourself. Keep the bathroom door closed if you do not want your cat to surprise you in the shower.

Will Young Cats Grow Out of Playing in Water?

While many young Bengal Cats really seem to enjoy a romp in the tub or making a splash in their water dish, you have to wonder if they will grow out of this trait. Typically, what owners find is that they do not grow out of this habit, instead enjoying water even as they age. If your kitten likes water as a kitten, he will probably still enjoy it as he gets older.

Find ways to allow your cat to play in water. Maybe you set up a wading pool in the backyard for them to swim in. You could put a little water in the bathtub or sink and let them splash around in it. You can even find toys that float or sprinkle a few kibbles into the water for them to catch. (Just keep in mind that the kibble will absorb water and eventually sink if your kitty doesn’t eat it.)

Many Bengal Cats love moving water, so setting up a water fountain tends to be a popular choice for Bengal Cat owners. There are several advantages of using a water fountain. First, the kitty has a clean water source to drink from, especially since many of these fountains have a filter.

They also help contain the playtime and splashing to one source, as opposed to a larger water source such as a bathtub.

Safety When Playing in Water

First of all, you want to limit how often your Bengal Cat gets bathed or takes a dip in the water. Their coat tends to do best with regular brushing as opposed to regular bathing, even if your cat wants to take a bath. Brushing them will help remove dead or broken hairs, as well as distribute skin oils through the coat.

If you are not sure how your cat will do with water, do not start by putting them in a pool. Not all cats are natural swimmers, and we don’t want them to drown. Instead, fill a source such as the bathtub with a few inches of water and see if they show any interest in it. You can always make the water deeper later.

You will also want to be careful with hot water. If you’re running a hot shower or bath, make sure your Bengal Cat can’t dive right in. If the water is too hot, it may scald them. Hot water also tends to dry out pet’s skin and can make them dry and flaky.

In Summary

Many Bengal Cats love the water, so you should give your kitty the opportunity to explore having a source of water around. It can provide hours of enrichment and fun. Just take care to keep your cat safe, by doing things such as limiting how hot the water gets running out of the faucet.

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