Do Bengal Cats Need Companions?

In this article we are going to look at whether or not Bengal cats need a companion.

Let’s say that you have one Bengal.

Is he or she going to be happy by his/herself?

Or is it better to give your Bengal a companion.

Let’s find out:

Do Bengal Cats Really Need A Companion?

The truth is that Bengal cats don’t need a companion animal (I.e. another cat).

Cats are perfectly content being solitary creatures – in terms of not having company of their own kind.

It isn’t bad for your cat to live by itself without any other cats.

In fact, in many respects this is easier to manage than multiple cats, as there can be issues sometimes introducing a new cat into a household with an existing cat (it’s much easier if you do want to get two cats to introduce them to your household at similar ages and at the same time).

While cats can be social creatures, they are well adapted and adjusted to being solitary – provided they are given adequate shelter, food, and water.

They like human company of course, but they certainly do not require company from a companion cat.

Does This Mean You Shouldn’t Have More Than One Cat?

Absolutely not. If you want a companion for your Bengal, then feel free to get one. Accept that there may be a bit of an “adjustment period” and everything should be a-ok!

We have a guide on this site to introducing a new cat into your household with an existing Bengal cat, so make sure to give that a read here.

To conclude, does your Bengal cat need a companion?

No, he/she does not.

Cats are perfectly happy and well-adjusted to being solitary creatures.

However, you also can introduce a new cat to your existing one to act as a companion, and this isn’t a problem either.

Long story short, don’t feel obliged to get a companion for your Bengal, but also don’t be afraid to do so either!!

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